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I post all my blog updates to my Facebook like page and you can like it here:


My One Direction ‘fan’ account (although it is very much a place for me to rant and bore people) – @larrybromance

My Personal account (please bare in mind, I am rubbish at tweeting on this one, so you are better off folllowing the link above) – @heytherechannon


I have some pretty awesome photo boards if you wanna check them out here: heythereChannon


If you would like to see my life in photos, then my instagram is the place for you – say cheese!


Pretty much the usual tumblr blog, this is something that I’ve had since forever so if you’d like to follow me then you can click here!


So, I’ve had at least three youtubes before but I always end up hiding the videos, having said that the most watched video I ever had was just me talking about how I liked grass and the lawn mower (so yeah, a bit weird) – that video has now gone, obviously. BUT I hope to eventually make videos over on this channel (click now) in the future!


I have no idea what this is, nor do I know how to use it! But here is a link (I think…) to my profile – ta da!

And my page – Google+ Page (heythereChannon)

p.s. I am more than happy to have lessons in how to use this, so please, anyone feel free to offer one some assistance :)