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Happy Birthday Nanny Wendy

Happy Birthday Nanny Wendy!

It’s February already and guess what that means? A ton of birthdays are happening! Happy Birthday to my Nanny Wendy, my Cousin Kember who is 18 today (oh and Harry Styles…). 

This is just an ickle post appreciating my family! Being at university has made me realise how much family mean to me. Family are my everything, especially my close family. I love them so much.

My Nanny Wendy and Grandad Andy mean the absolute world to me, and yup sometimes they get on my nerves and nag on (but isn’t that just grandparents?). I spent the first year of my life living with these two as well as my parent’s. I think this is why I am so close to them, in particular my Grandad – he is one of my best friends and he always makes me laugh (just imagine a typical country bumpkin who invents his own words and you will have my Grandad). For over a year, we lived in their fairly average sized house along with my Uncle Stevie who is paralysed but still fabulous… This was obviously a perfect situation for my Mum and Dad because they had plenty of people to look after me. Although it soon became to cramped, and when I was one and a half we moved out of there and into the house I live in now.

Throughout my life I have been surrounded by family, been on numerous family holidays and become very close to my little Sister, Natty. My family whilst growing up was perfect to me. But in 2010, just after my 14th birthday my world shattered when my Dad left. It was the most horrific time of my life so far. Although five years on, I think this has probably made me a better person, a stronger person and a happier person. Partly because I have found my bestest and closest friends in my Mum and Sister.

This is probably why I miss everyone so much and suffer from homesickness a lot. Throughout the most stressful times over the past few years my Mum has been there to offer a hug and remind me that it will be worth it in the end, my Sister has been there to tell me to stop crying, my Uncle has been there to help me when the printer or my laptop stops working, my Nan has been there to offer me a biscuit and my Grandad, well he has just been himself. I guess they are all still there at the other end of the phone but it isn’t quite the same! I’ve been so stressed the past couple of weeks with going back to the ‘lack of sleep’, ‘too much work’ and ‘when will this be over’ university lifestyle. This has reminded me of how much support my family actually give me when I am feeling down, as I can always just give them a call for a bit of a chat which turns into four hours (oops).

So as you tell my family mean a lot to me, but what I want to know is what do your family mean to you? Let me know in the comments below or check out my contact page here.

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