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2018 was the year of the bullet journal for me and it seems like my readers enjoyed those blog posts too. Here's a list of my most popular blog posts. - // heythereChannon #2018 #bulletjournal
Written by Channon Gray

2018 was the year of the bullet journal for me and it seems like my readers enjoyed those blog posts too. I’ve put together a list of my most popular blog posts of this year just in case you missed any.

10. How to Set-Up A Simple but Instagrammable Travel Journal

Writing about your adventures in a travel journal is a way to store memories, reflect on experiences and further your passion for travelling more once your current-plans draw to an end. Bullet Journalling is a useful tool for jogging your memory, finding self-love and growth into a life of more wellbeing and mindfulness. It's a creative outlet that can be taken everywhere you might be. For more Travel Journal ideas, check out my blog - // heythereChannon

This presented a guide to creating your own travel journal. I wrote in my journal for the entire 98 days that I was in New York and it is the best memory scrapbook I’ve ever made.

9. 18 Informative Student-Inspired Posts You’ll Want to Blog About

This is an old but gold blog post full of ideas for your own writing.

8. You Need to Get Organised (Using a Bullet Journal)

Ever tried bullet journalling? If not, why not? It’s amazing and doesn’t have to take that long if you keep it simple.

7. National Trust Poppy Fields at West Pentire – Crantock, Cornwall

This blog post went viral on Remembrance Day as it showcases Cornwall’s best poppy fields.

6. 3 Reasons Why a Bullet Journal Will Make You Feel Happier

Bullet journalling for happiness, yes please.

5. How To Maximise Time Management in a Bullet Journal

If you are anything like me (useless with time management sometimes) then a bullet journal could be your perfect productivity companion.

4. How to Set-Up an Awesome but Simple Bullet Journal

Finding happiness in creativity can help improve your mental health and well-being dramatically. Bullet Journalling is the creative key to feeling happier. It can reduce stress, anxiety and alleviate depression. Bullet Journalling can be simple or as creative as you want it to be. It is a place to track habits, weight-loss, gratitude, goals, etc. // heythereChannon - #bulletjournal #mentalhealth #findinghappiness

Put off by the incredible bullet journal spreads you see on Instagram? Don’t be. I’ve put together a straightforward guide to setting up your own as well as details on how to achieve something similar to my personal spreads and style.

3. 19 Relatable University Memes You Need to See as a Student

This is one of the oldest posts on my blog and dates back to 2014; however, it still remains one of the most popular. It’s basically my version of buzzfeed…

2. What does Self-Care mean and Why is it SO Important?

Self-care doesn't have to cost money, be glamorous or worth over-sharing with the world. It's about learning what makes you happy. Most importantly, self-care is when you enable yourself to be the person you've always wanted to be. A bullet journal can be a great self-care tool to improve your mental wellbeing // heythereChannon - #bulletjournal #selfcare #productivity #wellbeing #stationery

Self-care and wellbeing were hot topics in 2018 and this post went viral on Pinterest. It is a simple 30-day challenge that will lead to a better, happier and healthier version of you.

1. 101 Creative Bullet Journal Ideas to Keep You Inspired

Are you struggling for bullet journal ideas for spreads, pages and layouts? Well look no further, I have a list of 101 bullet journal ideas that will keep you busy, creative and organised at all once // heythereChannon - #productivty #organisation #bujo #bulletjournal

It is no surprise that a bullet journal related post was my most viewed for 2018. I put in a lot of effort into writing and creating these for my readers. This went a little crazy on Pinterest and I was slightly shocked by how well received it was around the world – so thank you!

What about all the other posts of 2018?

My favourite post of 2018: 5 ways to spring clean and declutter your life. I enjoyed putting together this post using my bullet journal and it proved very popular but didn’t quite make the top 10 most viewed posts.

It's the time of year when Spring Cleaning routines start happening and the check lists come out. I've put together a load of advice to help you to declutter your life, become a minimalist and simplify your lifestyle to improve your sense of self, mental health, productivity, happiness, organisation, depression, anxiety and worries. You can use a bullet journal to help you declutter and organise any cleaning tasks you might have, check out how here... // heythereChannon - - #springclean #bujo #bulletjournal

Another favourite: how to be happy through organisation. Once again, it didn’t quite make the cut but was very close.

My least viewed post was: 56 Days on Summer Camp in New York. I didn’t have time to promote this post at the time but if you are thinking about going on a summer camp yourself as a camper or counsellor then do check it out!

My last post of 2018: reflecting back on the year and narrowing down my personal highlights. If you are interested in reading an overview of my entire year then this is the post for you.


What was your favourite post of 2018 either that you read on my blog or someone else’s? Let me know below or get in contact with me here.

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2018 was the year of the bullet journal for me and it seems like my readers enjoyed those blog posts too. Here's  a list of my most popular blog posts. - // heythereChannon #2018 #bulletjournal

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