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5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic

Starting a business is an exciting time, however as with anything that takes a lot of commitment. Start your business for success by using this advice! - // heythereChannon
Written by Channon Gray

Are you putting all your effort into writing killer content, but not seeing results? You’re not alone. Most bloggers trying to get established want to boost traffic to their site. There are so many reasons why blogs don’t always get the traffic we hope for. But that means there are also many ways to fix this. If your stats are looking a bit pear-shaped and you need a traffic boost, read on for some top tips. 

Connect with other bloggers

Many blogs operate in a vacuum. But it’s just as important to network online as it is in real life. If you want to see more traffic to your site, why not make the most of the traffic your fellow bloggers receive? This is precisely why guest posting is so popular. Connect with bloggers in your niche and see if you can guest post, with a link back to your site. A great way to start building relationships (and getting your name out there) is to leave insightful, supportive comments on other blogs. 

Build your email list 

You’re writing compelling content and posting frequently, but how can you ensure your readers stick around? One of the best ways to retain traffic is to build an email list. Have a clear and simple sign up box on your site. Then deliver regular and intriguing email newsletters to keep your readers coming back for more. It helps to have plenty of evergreen content on your site so that you can include this in your emails, too. 

Optimize for search 

Use keywords to boost your SEO, so you rank higher on search engines. It’s a great idea to consider keywords right from the beginning when you’re ideating content. You can use tools like SEMrush to help you generate these ideas. SEO can seem like a bit of a minefield since there is so much to consider. There’s a fine line between keyword stuffing and destroying readability, which will, of course, affect your traffic.  If you already use WordPress, you could use a plugin like Yoast, or connect with a specialist WordPress SEO agency who can maximize your results. 

Enticing post titles 

Ever seen a blog title that you just had to click? The art of crafting click-worthy titles is harder than it looks. But it’s well worth getting it right. How-to content or the famous listicle style headlines always goes down well. Nobody can resist the lure of content that promises to improve their lives somehow. Just make sure your content delivers on the promise of the headline. You want your titles to be enticing, without being clickbait. If in doubt, try a headline analyzer tool

Encourage Comments

Comments can help to create a community around your site, which can encourage sharing and repeat traffic. Plus, an active comment section has the potential to boost SEO. One way bloggers encourage comments is by asking a relevant question at the end of the post. You can even directly request comments. For example, ‘How have you boosted your web traffic? Comment below.’ 

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