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Create A Successful Side Hustle Blog As A Student

Starting a business is an exciting time, however as with anything that takes a lot of commitment. Start your business for success by using this advice! - // heythereChannon
Written by Channon Gray

A lot of successful entrepreneurs have started their business empire while they were still students. People such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are famous college dropouts, not because they failed to finish their studies but because their business ideas came to life while they were still going to college. As a blogger, you may not hope to meet such positive transformations overnight and be able to make a living out of your blogging activities. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your hobby seriously. In fact, as the blogging sphere is a crowded market, it’s fair to say that if you don’t invest time and effort in your content, you will not get noticed. The question is not how to turn a blogging hobby into a business success while you’re studying; blogs can need several years before they reach their full potential. The real question is: how can you create your profitable side hustle blog?

You can’t make it if you don’t make time for it

Let start with the basics. Blogging as a student is a time-demanding hobby. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible to maintain. It means you need to learn a few time management tips to make it happen. If you’re the kind of person who is struggling to find the time to do anything during the day, bad news: you need to learn to manage your time efficiently. But don’t worry, there’s a fun part to it: you can use a playful and cute bullet journal to make sure you can use all the 24 hours of your day – some will be for sleeping, though, so don’t overdo it. The first rule of time management is to prioritise your tasks and projects, so that you don’t waste time on things that aren’t worth the effort. Planning ahead is key to setting your goals and remaining focused.

What do you need to talk about?

Should you be blogging about everything that happens in your life? As tempting as it might be to talk about your everyday, if you want your blog to become a side hustle business, you actually need to find a profitable niche. You need to talk about something people are keen to read about and where you have little competition. A good niche is the perfect mix of things that genuinely interest you, that receive a high volume of monthly searches, and that don’t have many specialised blogs. For instance, if you’re into TV shows, the most trending topic at the moment is the Lucifer series, which has been cancelled by Fox.

What precautions do you need to build a blogging business?

From the moment, you launch your blog as a side business that is designed to keep a regular income, you need to think in terms of maintaining a professional profile. What do all businesses have in common? They have a physical address! Admittedly, you shouldn’t use your personal address for this, even if your blogging activities occur at home. You can, however, purchase a business address from, which will ensure that your post can be forwarded to you without revealing to your readers where you live. Similarly, you can also choose an option that creates a digital version of your post so that it can be accessed online from anywhere.

What skills do you need to make it work?

Is blogging all it takes to make your blog work? Professional bloggers insist that posting frequently is essential to maintain your readers engaged and entertained. But it would be foolish to believe that frequency is all you need to create a successful blog. You need a voice like no other; you need a style that defines and differentiates you from any other blogger. In other words, you need to find your blogging voice, which as notes, can take some trials and errors. Bloggers also like to bring their readers to the heart of an experience; not only through their words but also by using videos and photos. A good blogger has to be a good photographer. You don’t need a professional camera to take good photos; but you need to understand how your device works, even if it’s only a smartphone.

How can you monetise it?

Lastly, a side hustle implies that you can monetise your blog. How do you do that? You can join an affiliate network to generate a stream of passive income with advertisers. You can also create products that can be sold, such as an ebook on your specialist topic for instance.


In conclusion, a side hustle is not a blogging empire. But it can be useful to secure a regular stream of income as a student. You can, eventually, grow your blog, using the same strategies as described here and turn it into a full-time business!


**Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post.

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