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Expert Tips That Will Give You the Edge When You Start Blogging

Launching a blog can be an exciting and exhilarating endeavour. With the freedom to focus on subjects you love, you can share your passions and interests with the world and carve out your very own niche.  - Start Blogging - // heythereChannon
Written by Channon Gray

Launching a blog can be an exciting and exhilarating endeavour. With the freedom to focus on subjects you love, you can share your passions and interests with the world and carve out your very own niche. So why not start blogging?

While blogging might sound deceptively simple, being a successful blogger is a little trickier. To increase your chances of success, take a look at these expert tips to give you the edge when you first start blogging:

Choose a platform

There are plenty of blogging platforms out there, but they aren’t all created equal. Instead of simply going with a name you recognise, take the time to really analyse the features and determine which one is right for you. If you really want to start as you mean to go on, create your own site from scratch and customise your blog to your heart’s content. 

Use a private server

Choosing the best hosting company has a massive impact on your overall success as a blogger, so why take any risks? A cheap Windows VPS will give you all the benefits of a private server with minimum outlay. When you can avoid the risks and hassle associated with public servers, you can increase functionality and security. Furthermore, having complete control over your blog will give you the freedom to develop it entirely at your will. 

Research your audience

As a new blogger, you’ll probably spend an awful lot of time thinking about the type of content you want to create. However, be sure to factor in some market research too. Identify your target audience and go as far as creating some ‘fan personas’ for your blog. When you know who you’re creating content for, it’s far easier to provide value. 

Learn how to market your blog

Publishing content online isn’t going to get you the following you want. Instead, you’ll need to market your blog and your content if you want to increase your reach. Digital marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is a broad area. Take the time to learn how to use online marketing tools, particularly if you want to manage your promotional activity in-house and reduce your costs. 

Measure your success

Don’t start a blog and simply hope for the best. Monitoring your performance will help you to enhance your efforts and maximise your success. Analytics allow you to access a great deal of information, including where your traffic originates from, how long people spend on your site and what your bounce rate is. Monitoring this data and using it to inform your future strategies will help you to hone your performance as a blogger and increase your long-term success. 

Generating Revenue from Your Blog

If your ultimate aim is to monetise your blog, you’ll want to consider your profitability from the start. There’s no doubt that a strategic approach is required if you want your blog to make money. No matter what your niche is, using the right tools and producing great content can turn your blog into a profit-making business. 



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