How do you say your name, Shannon or CH-annon?


Why is your name spelt wrong? 

I normally tell people that it is because my Mum couldn’t spell when I was born, that is in fact, not true. Sad, I know. My name is just unique, that is all there is to it. I used to absolutely hate it because when I was little I always wanted the cup, or a bookmark, or a keyring with my name on, but I always had to settle with “Shannon” instead. However, now I’m a bit older, I love my name!

What do you study at university?

I study Anthropology (don’t ask, I don’t really know to be fair, it’s all pretty confusing BUT FASCINATING, just, …google it?) at a central London University.

Do you accept guest posts?

Yes I accept guest posts and am also willing to discuss guest posting on other blogs. For more information and to get in contact with me regarding this, click here.

Contact email: lolatchannon@gmail.com

Sponsored posts, product advertising or reviews? 

Of course, just get in contact with me for details!

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