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Ensuring Your Desktop Helps You Stay As Productive As Possible

Written by Channon Gray

For us productivity lovers, it can be quite amazing to see new functionalities to help us save time, and feel more powerful in the work we conduct. After all, work shouldn’t only be some grim duty we have to carry out to gain income, but something we enjoy, something we appreciate, and something that allows us to work smarter, not harder.

Formatting your desktop in the right manner can be an excellent means of achieving this. If your computer is largely the same as it was when you first turned it on, you might now be buried in files, desktop icons, strange folders and a range of programs that you no longer need. A little care and attention can go a long way here. It can help your device feel more like yours.

Let us help you to this end:

Cloud Support

There’s nothing that kills productivity more than wasted time. What does this mean when it comes to Desktop use? Well, you shouldn’t have to take forever sourcing files you’ve saved, worrying about their saved status, connecting with others and sending documents slowly. This is where cloud support comes in. Using services like Google Suite or others, you can have your computer save all of your work immediately, transfer those documents to others at the drop of a hat, and also potentially give you a range of opportunities to collaborate on shared work. Not only this, but if you download a secure cloud app to your desktop and mobile phone, you will find that your saved files will immediately become uploaded there, and transferable between devices. This means if you need to travel from your home to class to a friend’s house, everything will all stay with you provided you have internet connectivity.

Tips & Tricks

Simple tips and tricks can go a long way. Learning a list of keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop can help you complete work much faster for example, as you’re trying to manage various products at one time. Learning small techniques such as how to view Internet Explorer content on a Mac can also be a big one, and give you the tools necessary to ensure what you need is there when you need it. Browser extensions that block advertisements such as Ublock Origin or secure you such as HTTPS Everywhere can also help your browsing experience remain personal to you.

Email Aggregates

It’s not uncommon for people to have many email accounts in the modern day, especially if they utilize the suite options that allow them to register their own domains. Using a program such as Mozilla Thunderbird or putting all of your email clients in one mobile program can help you ensure that you never miss a message or forget to check an inbox on a daily basis. It can be quite stunning to see how this difficulty can grow.

With these tips, you will be absolutely sure to remain as productive as possible.


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