Here Is Why You Should Be Using Adobe’s Photoshop!

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Written by Channon Gray

Everyone has heard of Photoshop. The software has achieved recognition all over the world. This is no coincidence; it is a testament to the successfulness of the graphics editing program. If you are involved in the field of the photography and do not have the software downloaded then you are missing out on a wealth of opportunities. Read on to discover the benefits of Photoshop and consequently the reasons why it is deemed to be the greatest software for all professional photographers.

The Main Benefits:

One of the main benefits of using Photoshop or taking a course in Photoshop is the touch-up features. There is nothing more annoying than taking what you thought was a fantastic photograph only to discover it has been ruined by an errant speck of dust or someone has crept into the background. There are various features available to deal with these problems. For instance, the “clone” tool is used in order to copy a matching area of the photo and place it over the area that has been affected.

Why is it so popular with professional photographers, and therefore, bloggers?

Another reason why Photoshop is popular with professional photographers is the colour change option. This is really easy to use yet extremely effective. You can change the colour of an individual’s eyes. Similarly, you can alter the pattern of a clothing garment through the tie-dye function. Likwise, you can add a spot colour – a prime example of this is when you see black and white photos with the odd bright burst of colour on a particular feature, such as a pair of shoes. Furthermore, you can make graphical changes through the process of changing a photo from colour to black and white, sepia and alike.

Working in layers…

Finally, the reason why Photoshop is a firm favourite with professional photographers is that it is one of the only graphic software programs that allow users to work in layers. You can stack designs and then you can remove or hide them in order to see what your work looks like. On other programs if you draw something on top of the image it literally becomes stuck – you cannot add to it and you cannot move it either. However, with Photoshop you can add a layer to your photo but you can also make changes to it as required. This not only makes it easier to work with but it is a lot more flexible too and so you have greater opportunities for your photograph.  

Last but not least, as a professional photographer you are likely to take a wealth of photographs on a daily basis. Photoshop makes it a lot easier for you to organise these. You can quickly and simply import all of your photos and you can view everything in a neat and organised manner. This cuts down work time dramatically and consequently ensures that you are working to optimum levels of productivity.

Photoshop is not only popular with professionals but it has also become a hit with people who simply want to edit photos for fun or to make their Instagram pages more exciting. You can find lots of good Photoshop courses online as well if you want to become qualified in this program so that you can add it to your CV. If you are worried you won’t be able to pass the course, don’t be! Read these ways to improve study habits for a helping hand, and you will have all of the tools you need to ace your course.

When discussing the benefits of this software, you also need to consider the sheer popularity of the platform. Why is this a benefit? Well, firstly, it means that there are so many resources online should you need a bit of help or assistance. You can also join forums so that you can pick up lots of useful tips too. Plus, Photoshop is known all over the world, and so if you have this skill placed on your CV, you can impress any employer, anywhere.

There is a wealth of benefits associated with using Photoshop. If you are a photographer and you do not have this software then you are missing out on a wealth of possibilities. The sooner you download it the better!


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