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Noticing Your Mental Health And The Positive Actions You Can Take

There is much more focus regarding mental health which can only be a good thing. People are talking about it and therefore can make positive changes. // heythereChannon -
Written by Channon Gray

There is much more focus regarding mental health these days which can only be a good thing. More people are talking about it, are aware of it, and therefore can make positive changes that will impact them for the better. Sometimes our mental well being can deteriorate and there can be a variety of reasons why. It might be that you feel like you are anxious in situation, feel mentally drained and stressed out, or simply feel depressed. This is when you may want to start looking at what could be causing and making some changes in your life. Here are some of the issues you may face and how you can overcome them for the better.

Long term issues causing you mental health worries

Sometimes you have things that are just part of what makes you who you are, and there is no getting away from it. But often, these things can feel like they hinder our confidence or the way we live our lives. Things that we might be born with such as hearing loss, may cause you worry through your life, whereas if you were to take positive steps to take action such as hearing aids or cochlear implants, you may be able to overcome that worry. While these things shouldn’t have an impact on your mental health, they often do, and so taking positive steps can help you to overcome the worry and live your life confidently and happily.

A job causing you to feel stressed and down

A job shouldn’t be something that causes you too much stress, although deadlines and added pressure from employers can be part of it. Some people really thrive off stressful situations, but in some cases, some people cave at the very thought of it, which in turn can affect your job performance. If you find that you are feeling stressed, then you may want to take steps into correcting this. Speaking to your employer or taking action to find a new job could be the way forward to help you be rid of the stress for good and finally feel happy in the workplace.

A relationship making you depressed or anxious

Your relationships should only fill you with happiness and positivity, be that friendships or something more romantic. But, a relationship can also have an impact on your mental health and in some cases you don’t even realise. You may not be compatible with the person you are in a relationship with, perhaps finding that this a reason for arguments, or feeling down in their company. A partner could also make you anxious, and worried about what they may think or react to certain situations. If you think you are feeling this way with a friendship or relationship then the best advice is to tackle it head on and walk away. Nobody needs negative influences in their lives.

Sometimes we don’t realise that normal things that are apart of our lifestyle, can be having a big impact on us mentally. So often it is good to take a look at your current lifestyle and the way you feel and ensure that mentally you are happy and feeling good.

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