Are we just slaves to Apple?

Apple have recently announced that they sold a record breaking 74.5 million iPhones during the three months over Christmas. This is the biggest quarterly profit in history according to the BBC News.  

Now I am not doing a business degree, nor am I very good with Maths however I am able to notice how impressive this is. I am a bit of an ‘apple-o-holic’ myself and own a staggering amount of Apple products including an iPhone 5, MacBook Air, an iPad and several (literally so many, it is kind of ridiculous) iPods. I cannot live without my phone or my ‘go to’ apps. It is kind of scary how much I rely on a tiny electric object that controls my life and causes me to have a mental break down when it runs out of battery. I was so lost last August after I flushed my phone down the toilet (that is a whole other story for a rainy day) and had to wait a few days for a replacement! The joys of Apple insurance!

Apple despite being so expensive are incredibly successful. It will be interesting to see if next year they manage to produce such impressive sales figures over Christmas. However, what would an ‘Apple’ world look like? Milk anyone?

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What are Apple doing to us? Making us more healthy by encouraging five-a-day? Debatable. Are they just brain-washing us? Or is it just smartphone’s in general? If so, then what are smartphones doing to us? Making us anti-social? Or just more social regarding the virtual world of Facebook and Twitter, to name a couple of platforms?

A friend of mine once questioned my justification as to why I always text back so fast (or not at all in some cases, oh dear). And no, I do not sit around waiting for text messages to come through. I just seem to always have my phone near me. It is my security blanket. Yup – that is right, I just said that. It is a life line (apart from the slight problem with iPhones and their horrific battery life). My friend said “well, that is just stupid because isn’t it a false sense of security – it gets you into a whole lot more trouble”. But does it? Do you feel more secure with your phone nearby at all times?

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