Obeying Modern Social Etiquette (aka tips on how to be less annoying)!

New Dos and Donts

Reclining your chair on an airplane or coach, annoying or not?

Every single time I get on a National Express Coach I end up sitting in front of someone who has long legs and behind someone who is determined to recline their chair. And so, I get smacked in the face with a forcible object, followed by a whinge (hinted towards me) because they “paid for their seat so therefore are allowed to recline it and be comfy” whilst not being able to recline my own through guilt.

Doing your make-up in public, socially acceptable or not?

Whenever I get on the London Underground someone is performing the art of doing their make-up (usually without a mirror). As impressive as it might be, I’m not sure on how social acceptable it is.

Being on the phone whilst at a check out point in a shop, rude or not?

I didn’t realise how much I actually did this until I watched “Loose Women” on ITV1 today. They were discussing if it was rude or not, and to be honest, it’s incredibly rude watching someone pack your shopping whilst you show more interest in your phone. Oi modern human being engage in conversation, it’s far nicer.

Singing in public, with headphones in, okay or not?

I walked the ten minutes to Uni the other day whilst blaring out “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor in my headphones. I was unaware of my rather loud singing until I was about a minute from my lecture theatre. Is only okay to sing in public when you can actually sing?

Leaving behind your rubbish in a café, is that your job or not?

This is my ultimate pet hate, although it is very close to people who bite their nails (ew). I cannot even begin to rant about how rude you are if you leave your rubbish behind at your table, especially during the lunchtime rush hour. Why? I don’t get it. THAT IS WHY THEY INVENTED RUBBISH BINS! Stop being so lazy and ‘dump your trash’.

Giving up your seat on public transport for someone who clearly needs it, do you agree or not?

If an elderly person or someone who is pregnant gets on the tube (or bus) and doesn’t have a seat, give yours up. Thanks.

Eating smelly food within a confined space, perfectly fine or not?

Eating egg (or tuna) sandwiches is never acceptable, ever. I have a particular problem with people who scoff their faces next to you on public transport, okay, I get it, it is your lunch break but buy something a bit less pungent.

E-Cigarettes, accepted or not?

I don’t smoke and although I have no problem with people that do smoke, it is a choice after all. I feel that e-cigarettes should be categorised in the same way as cigarettes.

Public kissing, all for or not?

Every single ‘romantic’ movie ever to be made includes public kissing. It’s cute but not okay in lifts, queues, beside one on the tube at 6pm… you get the idea! Save it for parks, river walks and nightclubs (only for the non-romantic types, he he he).

Peeing with the door open, awkward or not?

Never, ever, ever acceptable in public, ever.

(ALWAYS) Remember your manners!


C x

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Obeying Modern Social Etiquette and How To Be Less Annoying Towards Others - www.channongray.com // heythereChannon

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