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Part 8: An ickle extra – My Disastrous London Underground Journey!

An ickle extra story regarding my University Experience from my Tips and Tricks series!

So I thought to end my mini series about University Tips and Tricks I thought I’d share an ickle story about something that happened to me just before Christmas (don’t worry it is light hearted – keep reading you doing great)!

It was a Sunday in mid-December and I was travelling home to Cornwall for the Christmas holiday’s. Everyone in London was in a frantic rush, as per usual. My coach home was leaving at 4pm from Victoria and I decided to leave a couple of hours early because I had packed everything in my huge suitcase (apart from my bedroom sink and the desk – they couldn’t quite fit). On the way I struggled through Sainsbury’s knocking tins of soup, packets of crisps and bread rolls off the shelves with my HUGE bag and three rucksacks. You see I had become rather lazy nearing the end of term with doing my washing – as not only does it cost around £8, it also takes 3 hours (hate, hate, hate). So I decided just to take my whole ‘floordrobe’ home, because why not? Great idea Channon, 10/10 for this one.

I got my case through the tight fitting gates at the underground station (after getting stuck and irritating the assistant – if you are reading this then I sincerely apologise and next time I will use the luggage gate…). I had to go four stops on the Piccadilly line and change to the Victoria line at Green Park. Easy right? Well… It went horrifically wrong and I ended up shedding a few tears, after getting rather mad with a large group of ‘tourists’.

I got on the tube without realising that the doors at the stop I had to get off at opened on the other side. So when the tube stopped in Leicester Square everyone decided to pack into the tiny space instead of waiting for the next tube. I was now stuck, pressed up against the side of the carriage with an old man’s armpit in my face and standing on someone’s brand new trainers (who wasn’t impressed).

It came to my stop after what felt like an eternity and well I couldn’t get out with my five million bags and twenty rucksacks (slight exaggeration but it is needed here). A kind businessman attempted to help me out through the crowd of holiday makers wearing sunglasses in December and “I Love London” hoodies. They refused to move and carried on talking about Trafalgar Square. Brilliant. The tube doors closed and I had missed my stop (oi you, yes you, stop laughing at my misfortune and eventful life).

It got to the next stop and instead of being polite I just pushed through, with all my bags (a bit like a bull in a china shop…). I was so unbelievably angry but felt so incredibly grateful for the fact that I had decided to leave early. I got on the next tube back to Green Park and finally made it to the Victoria line (after some people pushing in front of me for the lift and I had to wait for the next one…). I got on the tube with the help of a young couple who lifted my bag. They cheered me up a bit and we joked about me moving in rather than just paying a visit to my home.

I eventually got to Victoria, which in case you haven’t visited it, the underground there doesn’t have a lift but instead a few flights of stairs (you can only imagine my face when I seen them). A lovely, fairly elderly, man and what appeared to be a businessman (he had a suit on) helped me to the top with all my stuff and I began the trek to the coach station.

When I finally made it, with just fifteen minutes to spare after a long journey which should have only taken half an hour instead of almost two. I then embarked on a journey home sat next to someone who made me perfectly aware of their elbows and complained about the smell of my lemon chicken sandwiches (which was better than their tuna ones).

The coach was supposed to take just over eight hours, but was already delayed before even leaving London. I arrived home just after 1am and was completely (and utterly) fed up to say the least.

Have you ever experienced the joys of the London underground whilst carrying a large amount of stuff? Or have you been on an ‘enjoyable’ (sarcasm detected) National Express coach journey? Let me know in the comments below!

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 14.25.30

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