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Part 1: Applying for University as well as the PROS and CONS

Over the next few days I will publishing something very exciting – a mini series of posts about university life!

Applying for University Tips and Tricks - a mini blog post series!

It is around the time when many people across the country are applying or have applied to go to university. It’s been almost a year and a half since I applied as I decided to sort out my UCAS in October 2013. I applied for five universities, as why not, you are allowed to and it would be silly to put all your eggs in one basket. Out of those four were in London and the fifth was in Brighton. As you can see, my heart has always been set on studying in London!

Once I had applied, I pretty much became OBSESSED with checking my emails – when I say obsessed, I mean I was checking them like every couple of minutes (just in case I had an offer or a change on my application)! In the end, I received all five offers and of that, one was changed to an unconditional! In case you wanted to know, I got offers from LSE, UCL, Sussex, Goldsmiths and Brunel – although for my offer from UCL I had to wait until the end of April to hear from them… This is not okay, it was an agonising wait… and if you are in this position then I feel for you.

It then came the time of choosing between five universities which was unbelievably difficult considering I liked them all… hence why I picked them in the first place right? Although, I do recommend visiting the universities before selecting your final two choices, as they cannot be altered once selected.

In my exams I didn’t get the grades I needed for my top two choices LSE and UCL, BUT all was not lost. Firstly, I request remarks, as most of my subjects were close to the next grade boundary. Although probably most importantly, I spent hours (and hours) contacting the universities personally (in other words, begging for my place) and they were incredibly considerate. I ended up at my first choice, which was a dream come true (despite crying for hours, thinking I was never going to get in anywhere).

I then started university in late September and since then I have managed to devise a list of PROS and CONS to university:


  • You get a degree (well, that is if you don’t give up…).
  • You get to (more than likely) live in another part of the country/world.
  • You get to meet like minded-people who have similar interests to you.
  • You get to party… (work hard, play hard).
  • You get move away from your nagging parents… (hehe).
  • You get to try new things.


  • It’s hard work.
  • It’s a lot of reading (and effort).
  • The library, yup, I am categorising the library as a con – having said that mine is 24 hours, so what more could you want? (*cough, cough* sarcasm).
  • Living away from home can actually (believe it or not) be quite tough.
  • It’s expensive (but in my opinion, completely worth it).
  • It can be tiring.
  • At first it seems impossible…

So if you are already at, applying or have applied to go to university or are just thinking about it, then I say it’s a really good thing to do. And besides, what have you got to lose? (Apart from a lot of money, mainly the tuition fees, sssshhhhh, it was meant to be a motivational rhetorical question…).

p.s. if you are waiting on offers, good luck and let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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Part two is now available to view: what is university really like? You can view it here!

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