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Part 5: A University Room Haul for bits and bobs!

University Room Haul

I recently went for a bit of spending spree in the Range, Dunelm Mill and Paperchase for this to put in my University room! I bought a few bits and bobs just to make my room feeling a bit more homely. Then I thought, why not share what I bought with you? And… Ta da!

Let me know in the comments what you think, along with any blog post ideas that you would like to see featured on this blog!

Campervan Pillow from the Range

Campervan Pillow from the Range, £3.99 (soooooooo cute, help).

Campervan Pillow from the Range

Days of the Week pegs from the Range

Weekday Pegs from the Range, 99p, super handy for pegging together pieces of paper that you may need on each day!

Chalkboard Heart Pegs from the Range

Chalkboard Pegs from the Range, £2.50, once again so cute, I couldn’t resist (although I didn’t buy any chalk #sadface).

Pegs and String from the Range, a peg garland!

Photo Peg Garland from the Range, 99p each and they come in three different sets of colours, so I picked up all three as I thought they’d be a way of displaying my Instagram photos!

Peg Garland from the Range

Peg Garland in White from the Range

Jars of pegs from the Range

Jars full of miniature pegs also from the Range, £1 each and come in four different colours! Tiny pegs have a thousand uses and plus these are a nice decoration.

Jars of pegs from the Range

Crafting Pegs from the Range

Embellishment Set from the Range

(I don’t really know what these are) Tiny embellishment set… from the Range, 99p. These were just adorable and are basically just glass jars with things in them. Why not?

Crafting Embellishment Set

Bunting for my University Room

A Beach Themed Bunting from the Range, £3.99. This type of thing always looks nice in university rooms and can add a personal touch, especially as it reminds me of Cornwall during the summer!

Brief Notes from Paperchase

Brief Notes from Paperchase, £3.50. These are unbelievably fun and cool. I picked them up in the sale AND got student discount – bargain.

Brief Notes from Paperchase

Are you a university student? Do you have a cool room that you would like to share? Link me below or contact me with a photograph and maybe it will feature on my blog (I have a slight obsession with university room decor since using pinterest, oops).
Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 14.25.30

You can contact me here, I would absolutely love to hear from you :)

For Part 1 in my university tips and tricks series click here!

P.S. Part 4 will be uploaded tomorrow alongside Part 6 (mix up on my behalf).

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