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Part 2: What is University really like?

What is university really like?

What is university really like? A rollercoaster?

The thought of university can be incredibly scary, but at the same time be very exciting! I have looked forward to going to university for a long time. I liked the idea of moving to a new city, living on my own, having my own money and doing a course that I felt passionate about.

Well, I’ve been studying in London since late September and oh, what a rollercoaster ride (it’s been a bit like the Pepsi Max at Blackpool, Google it…). There have been ups and downs, times of confusion and split moments where I have felt like giving up completely.

University is hard work and it can be a massive jump from higher education, although I was lucky enough to have done the IB so it hasn’t been too difficult. Although just as a warning: university involves a lot (A LOT) of reading.

The first few weeks didn’t exactly ‘fly by’ – I spent a lot of time alone, feeling upset and forever wishing I could be at home. However, after those initial weeks it got so much easier. Perhaps it was because I began to relax a bit and actually enjoy my time here rather than worrying about reading lists all the time.

I’ve made some lovely friends, who now feel like I have known them all my life and started to spend less time crying on the phone to my Mum (don’t worry, it’s okay to do that, trust me). Despite in the beginning struggling with budgeting my money, socialising and getting used to doing stuff alone – I now really like living in the centre of London and studying (even though at times I feel like throwing my laptop out of a window, p.s. don’t do that, it won’t be a cheap replacement #ChannonLifeHack) at university.

Going to university is a big decision to make, but in my opinion it’s worth it. It will be tough, you will probably cry and you will probably want to give up, but don’t because it gets easier. I sometimes get incredibly overwhelmed by how much work I have to do and at those points the easiest thing to do is to take a step back and stress a bit less.

Just always Remember why you are there in the first place, always remember how hard you worked to get there and finally, always remember where it may take you in the future!

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