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Part 7: Student MUST haves for university (oh and life in general)!

Must haves for University

My University Room

When I moved to university, I brought a lot of my personal things (everything apart from the kitchen sink) for my room (which is only mine for 40 weeks). Although having been here for some time I have realised that I probably don’t use most of it, however, would be completely lost without some items. These items include:

  1. A laptop – this is the most important thing for students, I recently bought a MacBook Air and I love it beyond words.
  2. Microsoft Office 365 – this is the best software available for students and I particularly recommend OneNote for taking notes (IT IS AMAZING).
  3. Photographs / Posters – these are the best way to decorate your bedroom walls and have reminders of home.
  4. A panini press – the best thing ever, end of.
  5. NOSH for students – I have talked about this so much, but seriously it is worth it for cheap student meals that are designed for cooking amateurs, like moi.
  6. Cushions – these not only look pretty cute but also help to transform your bed into a sofa during the day.
  7. Many, many, many knives and forks – these go missing so easily!
  8. A printer – I really would be lost without this especially as the library is just a recipe for confusion, especially 15 minutes before a deadline…
  9. Netflix – okay, I know I am supposed to be doing work but we all need “lazy days” sometimes, right?
  10. A day per page diary and a “to do list” notepad – (if that makes any sense) these are crucial for organisation. University requires a lot of organisation (something that I used to be terrible at) and anyway I am pretty sure these count as stationery (and stationery is amazing).
  11. Storage boxes or extra suitcases – I have so much ‘junk’ in my room that these are important for hiding it, e.g. spare clothes that I probably won’t wear, a secret stash of food (for emergencies) and a lot of ring binders that I bought in a panic.
  12. A book stand – also known as something that holds your book pages open. I got one of these for Christmas and it has been used so much since. Dear Person who invented it, you are a genius and I love you.
  13. A ginormous duck – okay just me.

So that is a just a list of few what I consider absolutely necessary things (apart from the duck). If you have anymore suggestions then leave a comment below, I would love to hear what you consider to be ‘must haves’. Or you can contact me here!

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 14.25.30

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