Where will I be 5 years from now?

Source: Pinterest under "Quotes"

Source: Pinterest under “Quotes”

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The other day, Mum and I where talking about the future and more specifically the future of the next five years. Five years from now I will be almost 24 and I have absolutely no idea on what will be happening in my life.

Maybe in five years from now I will have some idea on what I want to actually do with my life rather than changing my mind daily. I am currently at University in London studying Social Anthropology. I don’t see myself actually being an Anthropologist, well not just yet anyway. I currently want to be an International Journalist and once graduating I hope to eventually go onto do a Masters in something broadcast/publishing related. However, I know that will cost a lot of money (something I have virtually none of) so we shall see.

I will be probably be living away from Cornwall like I am now, which is kind of scary as I always like to plan out (most parts of) my life (despite being terribly unorganised and completely useless when it actually comes to completing plans… but ah well, we can’t be good at everything can we?).

I will probably still be calling my Mum daily to ask her the most ridiculous questions like “…if I put something that is frozen, but it says it shouldn’t be frozen, in the microwave, what will happen?” You know the usual (sort of) obvious questions! That is if I’m not living at home…

I hope that in five years from now I will have travelled a bit more, and will be planning a road trip around the US (or just the world – that will do, I don’t ask for much…)!

But most of all, in five years from now, I really hope that I am happy, extremely happy. I hope I like my job, my home, my friends and my life.

Where do you think you will be in 5 years from now?

Let me know in the comments below or through contacting me here!

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