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What do I do when I’m homesick?

Written by Channon Gray
The Three Musketeers: Me, Em and Charlie :)

The Three Musketeers: Me, Em and Charlie :)

A perfect fancy dress costume?

A perfect fancy dress costume?

Goodbye Cornwall, see you soon!

Goodbye Cornwall, see you soon!

“Feeling homesick” is something that is currently affecting most first year university students across the world. Making new friends, potentially living in a new place and making that giant step from college or sixth form to degree level is scary, very scary. I personally have found this tremendously difficult, partly because I came from a hospital bed after being really poorly to the hype of central London. Therefore going out and drinking seven nights in row during fresher’s was not on my agenda, apart from once or twice! However, I did attend the fresher’s fair which basically meant signing up to 101 societies ranging from “Cider Appreciation Society” to “Spanish Society” to “The UN Society” – it was a cool experience that resulted in free Nandos vouchers, so that’s a win! University is a lifetime experience and it’s just important to remember that everyone is in the same boat!

Last Friday I woke up feeling rather miserable for no real reason, I was missing home as it’s strange going from spending all your time with your Mum and Sister to absolutely nothing other than a phone call. The night before I had put up all my pictures on my noticeboard and I don’t know if that made me happier or even more sad. It sounds strange but it was nice to see a familiar face.

I ended up booking a bus home for 4pm; I felt that for me personally, I was best travelling the eight hours home for the weekend in order to cheer me up, as I was still feeling under-the-weather.

The bus journey was eventful, from London Victoria to home it took three and a half hours longer than usual on a crowded bus with a woman in front of me who was English but was whinging to her boyfriend in Spanish about not being able to put her chair back (when she could), unaware of the fact that I could understand. Brilliant.

By the time I got home it was almost 2am, my little Sister had no idea that I was coming to stay and so I surprised her. She was asleep and thought she was dreaming me being back, how cute is that?

On Saturday I frightened the life out of my Nan who was waiting in the car, and when I got in the backseat, I thought she was going to have a heart attack! Although my Grandad’s reaction was even better when he came in from work and seen me sat on his sofa with my feet up drinking my usual Ribena Lemonade.

It was my best friend’s birthday party on Saturday night and the theme was “anything beginning with C”, me being the over creative person that I am went as me, “Channon” wearing a handmade name tag around my neck. How witty! I will say I had no idea on how my closest friends would react when they walked into Wetherspoon’s and seen me sat there. But I shall say this, there was false eyelashes EVERYWHERE! It is weird how you don’t realise how much you miss your friends until you see them.

The Three Musketeers were reunited, Charlie, Emily and I – it was so lovely to spend time with them!

Then on Sunday morning I was up bright and early (with a headache) to buy a Glastonbury ticket, or four. After twenty-one stressful minutes of screaming and shouting at both my laptop and iPad, I finally got through, booked my tickets and parted with a precious £200. Only to then find out that three minutes later the tickets sold out! So, pheww that was lucky :)

It was then time to go back after stocking up on food at Home Bargains (if you have never been, then why not? It is amazing and soooooooo cheap)! The bus actually arrived on time, although it almost left without me during the forty minute pit-stop at Leigh Delamere because I was so desperate for a Chicken Royal and mini pancakes from Burger King but the queue was incredibly long. I waited (and stressed) anyway.

When I finally arrived in London, I was off the bus for a maximum of two minutes before slipping off the pavement and spraining my ankle – fantastic! Do I just attract accidents? “Hi I’m Channon Accident Prone Gray, nice to meet you..” geez.

After a tube change and five stops I made it back to my bed, which was greeted with open arms!

So remember: the chances are if you are feeling homesick then so are most other people even if they don’t show it. I went home for a couple of days, which I know I cannot do every time I’m feeling a bit down and it probably makes me look ridiculous going back to rainy Cornwall after just six days in London; but it helped me a lot and I actually got to say goodbye to home. The best way to deal with being homesick is to talk to someone!

P.S. if you ever want anyone to talk to then you all know where I am, if not then here is a link – ta da!

C x

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