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Random Rant VegetariansBeing vegetarian or vegan should be a choice and not something that you are bullied into. It should be a decision that is based upon ideas of morality, ethical issues, animal rights, caring for the environment or under health circumstances.

I don’t believe that a vegetarian, vegan or alike diet is wrong nor would I consider it a lifestyle that suits me. But that is okay, as everyone has the right to choose what they eat and the lifestyle that they lead. However, what I do find tricky to understand is those that preach and shame people into thinking that eating meat is ‘destroying the planet’, ‘the animals’ or ‘your health’.

Rants are not something that I usually express over the internet. However, recently on Facebook, Twitter and in real-life people who have made the courageous decision to avoid meat or animal products (etc) are constantly making digs at those who decide not to. I believe that ‘vegetarianism’ and ‘veganism’ is vastly becoming a ‘mainstream’ or ‘cool’ thing to do. There is a sense of unity when it comes to opinions on saving the planet and the welfare of animals. Vegetarians and Vegans understand that their way of looking at the world is correct. This in turn means that those who eat meat are essentially in the wrong. And well, this upsets me.

Choosing not to eat meat or utilise animal products is a massive step in life to take. It is a step that takes guts and determination. I admire those who are able to stick to it. What I don’t like is when people shame others (via Facebook photos, statuses, tweets, Instagram comments, Tumblr inboxes, etc) into becoming a vegetarian or vegan. That is not acceptable. I don’t want to feel like every-time I go out for a meal with friends, who avoid animal produce, that I feel obligated to buy the vegetarian option or when I upload a photo of my dinner to Instagram, people target me because my food choices do not suit their outlook on the world.

I believe that educating is a great move forward but forcefully preaching or humiliating individuals is not the way to go about sharing what being a vegetarian or vegan is all about.

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