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The Importance of Friends – Inspired by the Facebook Ads

Think it Through Thursday“It started with secret languages. Some without words.”

Friends are the product of our life experiences. They hold our hand when we are scared, they lift us up when we are down and they make us laugh when all we can do is frown. Friends can be those you pass a ‘hi’ to in the street or those who become part of the furniture. Friendships dissolve and evolve. But that is okay, it is the journey that counts and those that are true friends, are those whose shoulder you can cry on. Friendships can be for now or forever. Friends are important.

What is the importance of friendships?

When I moved to university in London last September, I didn’t think that I would find leaving my friends and family as hard as what I did. I have always been the type of person to spend a lot of time with my family and my closest friends, whether it be on the phone for 900 million hours (like seriously) or under a duvet binge watching Skins for days on end (literally). I could never share a twin room purely because I am ALWAYS on the phone to someone, okay, notably mainly my Mum, but still.

I think that family are also friends. Close family, to me, are like best friends. Either way, no matter what, my family are always the people that I can count on. I have two best friends, who I would consider to be my absolute rocks. One of which I’ve known for 8 years, the other I’ve known since my first term at uni. I think it doesn’t matter how long you have known someone, what matters is how well you get on, if you have trust in them and if they make you smile when you frown. Some of my friends have become members of my family, they call my Mum, Mum, and help themselves to food from the fridge. Others I would only say hi to in town, or when passing by ask them how life has been lately. From people I’ve known all my life to those I’ve only met once, they are still my friends. Friends are extremely important, if not as important as family. Friends are like family members that you can choose.

The Facebook adverts made me think about my friends and how much I rely on them. Okay, the adverts are just subtle hints towards the sites features as well as a way of boasting about how it has the ability to create friendships virtually and in reality, blah, blah, blah. But I think that they are so true, moving and a reminder of how important friends are.

“They drag us into their madness. Make us heroes in their stories. So we let their likes become our likes. And the things they share become the things we share. They challenge our point of view. Push us out of what’s comfortable and we trust them enough to follow. But each changes us, even if just by a little.”
“Some we knew right away. Others were discovered slowly, excavated from time spent together. But it wasn’t just a friend request. We were looking for an accomplice. A future best man. A sister. A choreographer. An ally in whatever. Someone to follow. . Sometimes we didn’t know what we were getting. Sometimes that was for the best. But we knew we wanted to hold onto them. For whatever reason, but mostly because wanted to see what could happen.”
“They are the faces in our photos. The handwriting we know by heart. Silver linings and good luck charms. Fellow life planners and re-planners. Sharers of hopes and stories and crazy ideas. But through it all they are there, reminding us that we don’t have to go it alone.”
What do you think of the Facebook Adverts? What do friends mean to you? Do you ever miss your family and friends? Let me know here! Don’t forget to follow me on Blog Lovin’ as I am posting a blog post six days a week for the whole of July!
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