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I couldn’t be without my Mum


Mother’s Day is a time to show appreciation for our wonderful Mummy’s, and mine, is truly wonderful in every aspect of the word. I tell my Mum daily how much I love her. I spend hours and hours talking to her, and when I am not on the phone then we are chatting away through texts. I might be all these hundreds of miles away living it up in London, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss home nor my family. I miss home every single day, but the hardest part is being away from my two bestest friends: my Mum and my Sister, Natty.

Since my Dad left several years ago now, we are the strongest and closest team you could ever imagine. We are the Three Musketeers; we laugh, cry and smile together. Even when my Dad still lived with us, he was always away working and so we have always spent a lot of time with Mum, just doing our own thing from hunting down celebrities around the country to people-watching at the beach and late-night storm chasing.

The photo above was taken on a day that I remember so well! And yes, I think I do have a builders bum and some incredibly trendy reebok trackies on. The hat that Nat is wearing also has a funny story behind it as just moments after this photo was taken, she filled it up with snow and then it put it back on her head… She burst out crying and said that didn’t like the snow anymore because “it was mean and cold to her”. Of course, Mum got her a new hat and back out she went to throw snowballs at our dog, Becky, and sliding down our green wavy slide getting her ickle bum absolutely soaked. This was also the first ever snowman that we built, using a chupa chup sour apple lollipop, stones from our gravel driveway and a carrot, that my dog stole before we even finished building it. I grew up in Cornwall and although it gets cold, it doesn’t snow much and so this was (I think) the second snowy day we ever had. The first was in the same week, but I had a Stagecoach audition so couldn’t stay and play, and obviously, it was gone by the time we returned.

But here is the thing, Mum’s are just remarkable and they don’t have to do extraordinary things to make them so special. To me, it is the times she kissed a ‘poorly knee’, or when she wiped my nose using her jumper sleeve, or when she cranked up the radio to sing-a-long to a song that I disliked just to be annoying, or when she brought me a lemsip in bed, or when she stayed up until the early hours of the morning helping me with my art project, or handing me coffee to get through coursework deadlines, or when she sat (rather impatiently) with me through my (traitorous) maths homework, or those Saturday nights when she’d pick me up from a club to save me from catching a taxi alone, or when she kept me company on my university open day, or the day she sat by me in a hospital bed with me honestly not knowing if I was going to live or die, or the she literally jumped with joy when I got an A in GCSE Maths, or the day she drove to London and back just to collect all my junk from halls. It is all those days that matter most. In fact, all days with our Mum’s matter because you never know when that time might run out.

Over the past few months, and even years, we have been through things that others only have nightmares about. But, it is okay because we did it as a team and my Mum remained the strongest person in the entire world. She is an inspiration, the greatest friend and someone I couldn’t be without. And besides, I never cope the bus ride to uni without her being on the other end of the phone updating me on Kylie Jenner Instagram retirement or Harry Styles’ latest girlfriend.

So… Dear Mum, I love you so much… and I am so thankful to have you… (see what I did there) <3

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