London on a budget – ‘The London Student Experience’ with Unite Students

The London Student Experience with Unite

It is not very often that opportunities come along in life for free. But when they do, you need to run with them and make the most of every second.

When I started my blog last summer, I never thought that I would even stick it out! Almost a year on, I have been lucky enough to collaborate with other creative individuals, review products and now I have been given the chance to participate in a huge project: ‘The London Student Experience’.

‘The London Student Experience’ is a project set up by Unite Students. The main aim of the project is to collect a bunch of activities that can be completed throughout all hours in London and put together a ’24 hour Student guide’ to the city. I, alongside 11 other like-minded individuals, have been chosen to participate in this project from Monday 3rd through till Thursday 6th of August (yup, that is starting tomorrow – eeeekkk I am so excited)! Between the 12 of us, there is a mixture of bloggers, vloggers, filmmakers and photographers all with an interest in Journalism/Film/Photography/etc. As budding creatives, this is a perfect opportunity to practice our skills in marketing, photography and film as well as producing a (useful) guide that will be released later on in the year.

We will be staying at Unite’s Stratford ONE, which is actually a student halls that I considered moving into in September, so that should be good! This will also be base camp, and from there we will split into groups of four on Tuesday in order to plan, organise and put together a guide based upon a budget and student friendly places.

However, the real challenge will begin on Wednesday morning at 5am at the Sky Garden (I mean, com’on, who doesn’t want to see London waking up from on top of a skyscraper?). Throughout the day we will be documenting our travels, visits and more-than-likely our choice of meals, snacks and drinks (of course, duh)! Along the journey there are also plans already in place to visit the National Gallery and the Tate Modern (two of my absolute favourite places within the city).

On Thursday, in our groups, we will present our guides and a mini awards ceremony will take place. Following this, I will make my way back to Pasty Land (Cornwall, in case you are new here) and then the hard work will begin on collating and publishing all of our information, which will be up on the Unite website around early September! Exciting, eh?

What am I looking forward to the most? Well, this one might be obvious but meeting new people who share the same passion for creativity as me! Also, I have started to feel slightly ‘homesick for London’  over the past couple of weeks so I cannot wait to be back in the hustle and bustle of it all. I like the rush of living in a city, which is a far-cry from Cornwall. However, the most overwhelming part of this is the fact that my blog (yup, my ickle-tiny blog) has allowed me this opportunity. Absolutely incredible!

There are going to be so many ways to keep up to date with us throughout the next few days:

Don’t forget to follow my twitter for live tweets, etc: @heythereChannon or subscribe to my mailing list for blog post alerts (in the top right corner of this page). I would love to know where you recommend to visit throughout London!

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Disclaimer: the project and trip is sponsored by Unite Students, however, all opinions are my own and I am incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity.

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