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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas – Student Style!

Last minute Halloween costume ideas for students on a tight budget whilst at University // heythereChannon
Written by Channon Gray

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is this Saturday coming; if you are anything like me (unorganised and ‘very last minute’) then you won’t have planned a costume. However, all is not lost. Don’t panic just yet as I have a ton of ideas; all of which are super easy and can be done on a budget – wahoooo! 

Now the Youtubers, in my opinion, set a pretty high standard when it comes to Halloween costumes. But most of these outfits are fairly easy to replicate (even without the help of a fabulous make-up artist).

If you are going for ‘cute’ then Maddie’s El DÍa de los Muertos skull or Victoria’s (intheFrow) tiger face paint is the one for you. These can easily be done with a face paint palette; which can be found in most fancy dress shops or using bright coloured eyeshadows mixed with some water. For both of these, a black dress and heels (or Vans, if you are me) would look nice.

Scary and Halloween seem to go hand in hand, let’s be honest. I particularly like Joe Sugg’s (ThatcherJoe) scary clown, once again easily created with a wig, face paint, red nose and bright onesie. Another scary option is Alfie’s (PointlessBlog) zombie make-up and orange jumpsuit. However, this does involve faffing around with modelling wax; eBay is a good place to get this to create the burnt skin effect.

Katie and Andrew are arguably the best looking couple on the internet and when it comes to “couple Halloween costumes” they are top notch. From a zombie bride and groom to Mr&Mrs Skull, they are great last minute costumes and they look impressive.

However, my absolute favourite costumes that the Youtubers have rocked is Zoe’s (Zoella) monochrome zombie complete with creepy contact lenses, black lipstick, black inky tears and a black long-sleeve dress. Alongside Lydia and Lucy’s dead Minnie and Mickey Mouse, common disney at Halloween is a must! This look is completed with the red polkadot dress (and yellow heels) for Minnie and the white waistcoat over a black jumpsuit (with a yellow bow tie) for Mickey. Love, love, love.

Aside from that other relatively easy outfits include: a bat, an angel, a rabbit, a cat, a vampire, a witch, a ghost, ANYTHING disney themed or a zombie… Yup, a zombie! Zombie’s are probably the easiest Halloween costumes to pull off, create and organise last minute. Below I have listed the things that I used for my zombie costume last year; all of which (apart from the shoes) I bought on the day of Halloween and it costs me in total around £10-15.
Halloween Costume Ideas Ideal for StudentsI hope that this post was helpful to you and I would love to know if you create any of these looks! Send me photos by contacting me here :) For more posts in my Halloween series then click here – ta da.

Happy Halloween! Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 14.25.30

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