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14 Days Back in London

I have now been back in London for fourteen days, and oh what a rather bizarre fortnight it has been. I have attended a World movie premiere, seen Jacqueline Wilson reading the paper on the tube and been to five One Direction concerts in six days. Some of the less exciting things include catching my first Uber, experiencing the chaos of Asda alone and dying of “fresher’s flu” for days (and days and days).

In case you didn’t know, I moved back to London on September 20th for the start of my second year at university. My accommodation is a swanky new ultra modern building equipped with fancy underfloor heating and a dodgy postal system. It is a giant step up from the place that I lived in last year, even if the fire alarm goes off 28 times a day (on average). My room was absolutely fantastic and it felt like I was living in a tree house, until I woke up last Sunday to find out that they had cut down all the trees outside my room. If you follow me on twitter, you will know that I was absolutely distraught by this. Someone pass me a box of tissues please? Thank you.

On the day I moved in, my Mum and friend drove to London overnight with me (literally) jam packed into the back of the car… I was buried deep under cushions, mason jars (how grown-up) and suitcases. It was compact, to say the least. We arrived in London early on Sunday morning. After off loading all my stuff into my new room, we decided to get a bite to eat from Leicester Square.Halls in LondonOn the way, I spotted Jacqueline Wilson reading a food insert from the paper on the tube. As you can imagine, my eight-year-old Tracey Beaker loving inner-self didn’t cope well with this and rather than asking for a photo with her, I decided to just take a sneaky snap instead… *face-palm*.Jacqueline Wilson on the undergroundThen whilst eating lunch (a tasty crispy chicken ‘New York’ style wrap – yum), there was a lot of kerfuffle across Leicester Square. And by kerfuffle, I mean, there was a world movie premiere happening. Yup, you heard me! PAN, the new Peter Pan movie, was showcasing it’s red carpet to celebrate the release of the film. I, being the slightly crazy person that I am, managed to persuade my Mum and her friend to stay long enough to see the stars arrive. Due to being in the way of the incoming cars, the security guard ended up letting us into the red carpet – eeekk! Of course, in true Channon fashion, I ended up getting a selfie with Hugh Jackman and I almost cried when I seen Cara Delevingne – *cough, cough* fangirl right here!PAN World PremiereFrom Monday 21st until Thursday 24th, I pretended to be a fresher again and decided that it would be a fantastic idea to go out clubbing four nights in a row with my best friend RoRo… Well, I tell a lie there as we didn’t go out on Wednesday (the night I was most excited for) due to not having the correct dress for the dress code. Typical! The first night of freshers week involved me (spending a very long time) crying as I thought I had lost my debit card, turns out, it was on my bedroom floor…  Oh Channon. The week obviously got progressively more tiring, and on the Thursday I ended up at a rave in EGG London. There was a bouncy castle (in a nightclub – like what?) and a photo-booth, so ridiculous pictures with random people was a necessity. This was also the night I managed to successfully locate and catch an Uber for the first time in my life. Proud?Freshers 2015Friday 25th of September was the start of my One Direction concerts at the O2 in London. I had initially purchased tickets for three dates: the Friday, Saturday and Wednesday. And well, what happened was, I ended up buying more tickets for Monday and Tuesday too. I know, I am officially slightly mental. Twice in the five shows I ended up being more-or-less front row. I was ‘fortunate’ enough to have a mouthful of water hit me in the face from the considerate Styles as well as experiencing a weird “wait who me?” “yes you!” kind of moment with Harry later on the week. Basically, it was the best five nights and a lot of tears were shed. A LOT.Harry Styles in LondonDuring all of this chaos, my lectures started! YAY. These (kindly appointed) classes included 9am’s and 5pm’s… Fun, fun, fun. Once my One Direction concerts came to end this Wednesday just gone, I was exhausted from two weeks of being incredibly busy. And guess what? I now have a really, really, really disgusting cough and cold!

So after just 12 days in London, I have been to the doctors already. This, if you have been reading my blog since the beginning, you will know this is not actually a record, as last year I made it 8 days before I sprained my ankle! Anyway, the past few days I have been in bed dosed up on Lemsips, antibiotics and cough sweets. I am so much fun, I swear.

Starting university again means brushing up on my cooking skills, which, I happy to admit, are not the greatest! And I mean, it is not that hard to cook curly fries in the oven is it? No, correct! It isn’t that difficult! However, problems arise when it comes to adding salt to the curly fries… Moral of the story is: do not buy a salt grinder from the Range. An absolute disaster. Student CookingSo whilst I sip on a tropical Berocca (a vital student life saver) and sit on the edge of my seat watching X-Factor 6 Chair Challenge, which is extremely tense geez. I will let you continue with your October Sunday evening in peace, but before you go, let me know if you have been up to anything interesting these past two weeks! Contact me here :) Are you looking forward to autumn? My scarf collection is already out, so I definitely am! Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 14.25.30


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