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Experiencing Fresher’s as a Second Year

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As you all know I am now a second year at university and a couple of weeks ago I got to experience freshers week again. And oh my, it was an interesting week.

Being second year meant that I had no orientation meetings, talks or early morning starts (best thing ever). So in order words, I could stay out all hours of the night and not have to get up early the next day only to be subjected to two hours of someone quite literally droning on about assessments, exams, reading lists and blah, blah, blah. Aside from sleeping a lot during my freshers week, I also went out a lot, in fact, probably too much.

My university offers a wristband for £30, which includes four club nights. The club nights this year were: a welcome UV party in my student union club, Battle of the Halls at fabric near Farringdon, Formal Ball at Shaka Zulu near Chalk Farm and a rave at EGG London. Basically, it was four nights of absolute mayhem.

Throughout freshers week, my friend RoRo came to stay with me. It was an adventurous week… The first night started off great, went a bit wrong in the middle and ended up being super fun. On our way to the student union bar, we got as far as the bus stop only to realise that I had lost my debit card. Of course, at this point, on a late Monday night after one too many vodka coke’s, I burst out crying. I dread losing my card anyway, and this was absolutely the end of the world to me. Contactless payment means that someone could use my card until their heart is content, okay, they may only be able to spend £20 in McDonald’s at a time, but still. RoRo called my Mum whilst I cried in my student accommodation toilets, and overall it was a disaster until… I FOUND MY CARD ON MY BEDROOM FLOOR, WAHOOO! From then on, it was party a-go-go. We arrived at my student union around 40 minutes before it closed but we still had a cracker of a night dancing to Taylor Swift.

The second night wasn’t as exciting. We were tired, really really tired and to be honest, I would have rather stayed in watching Celebrity Big Brother and picking on chocolate biscuits, but oh well. We caught the night bus to fabric wearing our jazzy  freshers ‘battle of the halls’ tops. When we arrived someone was arguing with the security officer, who informed the guy that we was too drunk to get into the club and of course, he disagreed – I can confirm he was rather on the slurred side. I went straight in, and by ‘straight in’ I mean through the x-ray machines, metal detectors and a full on body search (standard night out in London routine, might I add). However, RoRo couldn’t find her ID and so I spent over five minutes wondering if something terrible had happened, as I couldn’t see her. Eventually she got in and we ended up fairly near to the stage but got pushed into a corner. Throughout the evening, everyone kept shoving and leaning on people, it was a tight squeeze and not all that fun. ‘Battle of the Halls’ involved all of my university halls battling against each other in a series of challenges, such as: lip-sink battle, downing pints, and dance off’s. Everyone took the whole thing extremely seriously, and my halls ended up coming pretty much last – it is the taking part that counts!

Wednesday night was at Shaka Zulu, however myself and RoRo didn’t go as we didn’t have the correct attire for the ‘formal’ event. Floor length ‘ball gown’ style dress? Er, no thank you. We instead watched Bake-Off (my favourite programme, ever) and Coronation Street Live (geez, it was intense) whilst scoffing our faces on snacks. To be honest, by Wednesday, I was almost broken and started to suffer from ‘freshers flu’ – yay!

The best and last night of the week was at EGG, a ware-house style club equipped with a bouncy castle (I KNOW) and a photo booth. Most of my course friends were there and so a lot of fun was had by everyone, despite the queue to get in taking ages. I also learnt how to do the cup song whilst queuing for the cloakroom, what more could you want in life?

I then spent my Friday recovering and watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. All in time for my first (out of five) One Direction concert at the O2 with my American friend, Kate!

Freshers week the second time round was completely different to the first. Last year I wasn’t well prior to starting university (you can read about that here) and so that meant that my week was kind of ruined. Freshers week is daunting, tiring and exciting all at the same time. Meeting endless amounts of faces makes up the bulk of the first couple of weeks at university. And if you are anything like me, then that can be terrifying. But nowhere near as scary as going out clubbing with people that you have only known for five minutes in a place that you have lived in for a matter of hours. This is why, freshers a second time round, was so much better as I already knew people. This enabled me to relax, have fun and not worry about “what if they leave me”, “what if I can’t get home”, “what if… what if… what if”. However, the novelty of “going out every night” soon wore off as I don’t think I am as crazy as I used to be!

What was your freshers week like? I would love to know! You can let me know here or leave a comment below :)

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