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I’m in hospital YAY – oh and I move to London from Cornwall… Tomorrow!

Hospital and Moving to London? Crazy eh.

(This post is quite dramatic, you’ve been warned…)!

The ultimate hospital selfie: in Resus attached to a nebuliser... #hot

The ultimate hospital selfie: in Resus attached to a nebuliser… #hot

As I write this post I’m actually lying in a hospital bed, slowly been driven mental by the constant beeping of the frail lady beside me’s fluids monitor. It’s no wonder why people go loopy inside these stuffy, weird smelling, four walls. Beep, beep, beep – and just when you think it’s stopped, it starts again, beep, beep, beep (you get the just). Mum and I joked about yesterday how a six-hundred word blog post containing just the word “beep” would be an accurate account of my time in hospital, although half true, I better tell you the actual truth as to why I’m here!

Itchy oxygen tubes anyone?

Itchy oxygen tubes anyone?

Hospital boredom...

Hospital boredom…

I have something called Asthma, which if you are unaware as to what that is, in simple terms I sometimes struggle to breathe. I usually just take two sorts of inhaler which help to keep control of this problem, therefore it rarely affects my general day-to-day life. However, a couple of days ago, after having a slight cough and cold, this all spiralled beyond belief and not even the medicines prescribed by my doctor on Wednesday were helping. Then later that evening, my Mum was left no choice but to call an ambulance for me, as I could no longer breathe well-enough to support myself. I spent many hours in Resus attached to heart and lungs monitors, which I cannot begin to describe to you how scary the overall experience was. Despite being 18, my Asthma has never once been bad enough to put into hospital let alone on an intensive care list.

Not being able to breathe is terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. It makes you feel like with every breath, nothing is actually happening as though you are slipping away. I just gripped hold of my Mum’s hand for what seemed like hours and hours, as numerous Doctor’s stuck needles into me, “we are just taking a blood sample, okay?” “We are just checking your Oxygen level as it’s low..” – there comes a time when you no longer care. Luckily after a while I stabilised and started to feel a lot better!

I’m now more less back to my usual self, no thanks to the “easy to eat” (aka mushy) carrots, garden peas and ice -cream (which I’m allergic too) that I was offered for tea last night. I settled for my Nanny Wendy’s homemade Cornish pasty with ketchup, in bed, shared amongst my best friend, Charlie and Ross because you can’t turn down a good old pasty! WOO!

Nanny Wendy's homemade Cornish pasty... You have no idea how amazing this was, as it will be my last until Christmas!

Nanny Wendy’s homemade Cornish pasty… You have no idea how amazing this was, as it will be my last until Christmas!

Ross, I and Charlie!

Ross, I and Charlie!

I have spent the past couple of days in hospital attached to oxygen tubes and nebulisers (machines that help open your airways, superb for those with Asthma)! And at last, I am on the mend. I also move to London TOMORROW! Although I have to stay in hospital ANOTHER night (sigh, tears of sad, someone fetch me a bucket for my cries?) cause I’m still being monitored. This has obviously stressed me out as I am yet to start packing… Anything!

So tomorrow is the big move day (at last), even with the slight set back but nevertheless I’m sure it will all be fine (well, I hope at least). I shall be moving to Central London to go to University, which is a dream of mine come true. I have wanted to move away from Cornwall to the chaos of a city for a while now! Although as you can imagine, since being hospitalised through illness, I’m now quite scared of living alone in a place that is six hours way from “home”. Onwards to bigger, brighter and better things though, right?

A new life, a new start, a new city, with new friends and new things to do – and I am so excited as I have worked incredibly hard to get to this point.

So yup, basically, thank you to everyone who has been lovely over the past few days, it does mean a lot to me and I am okay now I promise! :) Next stop: London, (if I ever leave here)!

Love, C x

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Being Hospitalised with Asthma is never fun, especially not when you are relocating to London for university. Here's my story - // heythereChannon #storytime

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