My Evening with Louise Pentland – A SprinkleOfGlitter!

Written by Channon Gray

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Last Tuesday I spent my evening at a Sprinkle of Glitter Q&A event to celebrate the release of her new 2016 Diary. Myself and my friend Anna decided to buy tickets last minute as we are both major fans of Louise, who is known for her rather fabulous YouTube videos.

The Event:

I finish university fairly late on Tuesday’s and so with my Vans Disney Princess rucksack in hand (yup, you heard me – you can never be too old for a princess bag…), I met Anna at the tube station. We travelled (at rush hour) to Piccadilly Circus, managed to successfully locate Waterstones on Google Maps and we joined the queue inside the shop with loads of time to spare.

The event was chilled and the atmosphere, calm. We were greeted with free drinks; it was a choice of orange juice or wine – I being the incredibly predictable person that I am, went for fresh orange. We also received a signed copy of the diary, eekkk.

Louise arrived shortly after. Everyone welcomed her and so began a couple hours of laughter, and I mean, nothing but laughter. Louise is a chirpy character who doesn’t fail to cheer people up, whether it be in her videos or in person. At the same time, she is incredibly lovely and down-to-earth.

Louise is so lovely and hilarious!

Louise invited people to ask questions throughout the event. The various questions asked included: what is life like as a single Mum? What do you and Chummy, Zoella, do during your chill-out time together? What would be your advice for passing my math’s test? Where is your favourite place in the world? And, what has been your favourite video to film? 

Someone asked Louise what has been the funniest moment of her life so far, the response of which I cannot disclose here as she asked us not to share. But, I will say, it was HILARIOUS and I cried foundation tinted tears – attractive. Another question asked referred to awkward dates that Louise has had throughout her life. She shared a couple of stories, both of which were entertaining.

Anna asked her what she would like for christmas. Louise’s response was that she wants to spend time with family and friends during the festive season. She then went on to say that it made her sound like a proper adult, and so therefore she would also like to be bought a blender that crushes ice as hers doesn’t. Although, she only realised that once she had already committed to making a smoothie after adding the yoghurt and the ice decided to not crush – I’ve been in that situation too… except I was battling frozen banana issues.

What did I ask Louise Pentland?

I asked Louise, “if you could give any advice to someone starting a blog or a YouTube channel, what would it be?”. Her response was “keep at it” and don’t lose heart a few months in as all the hard work will eventually pay off. This is the same advice that I give to people who are just starting out with something new, whether it be a blog, YouTube channel or just a hobby. Don’t give up if you like doing it, do it for you and not for somebody else!

I find Louise to be inspirational in every sense of the word. She is currently rocking pink hair to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness month and Cancer Research UK. Louise lost her Mother to cancer when she was little. In a recent video posted on her channel, she explains how cancer doesn’t just die when a person dies, as it lives on the people who surrounded them. I agree with Louise that it is important to raise awareness for such a nasty disease and so therefore, I would like to leave a link to her JustGiving page here. Donate what you can, as it is important that we kick cancer soon!

I had a delightful and relaxed evening at the Q&A event. I would like to thank Louise for allowing us the opportunity to go to something like that, especially as it was only for a very small audience and this made it so much more friendlier!

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