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Easy DIY Halloween Chocolate Treats – cute and delicious!

Written by Channon Gray


So this week (instead of doing my readings for university, pfft) I made some spooktacular Halloween treats that are unbearably cute, super easy to make and bound to go down well at ANY festive party this October! We all know that I lack cooking skills but I certainly make up for it in creativity (and effort).

If you would like to find out how to make these wicked treats then keep on reading :)

You will need:

Side note: I don’t have any measurements written down because it just depends on how many you would like to make! But to give you an idea, I used half a medium sized bar of each chocolate and made around 30 treats.

  • Fruit – strawberries and grapes (both red and green).
  • Cooking chocolate – white and dark.
  • Roll out fondant icing – orange.
  • Writing icing – blue, red, green and black.
  • Utensils: a metal tablespoon, some greaseproof paper, a few cocktail sticks, a microwave safe bowl, a tray (or two) and a sharp knife.


  1. Prepare the fruit by rising it in cold water. Chop the leafy green part off of the strawberries to form a cone. Place a cocktail stick in the end of the strawberry.
  2. Cover a tray in greaseproof paper.
  3. Break up the chocolate into the microwavable bowl and place it in the microwave for around 30 seconds, stirring half way through. I found that the dark chocolate didn’t melt as fast as the white, so I had to put it in for a few seconds longer. I recommend melting the chocolate in several batches as it does set quickly.


For the dark chocolate:

4. Using a metal spoon, blob the chocolate onto the greaseproof paper and form a ‘chocolate button’ shape (as seen in the photo above). These will later form the bases of the witches hats.

5. Next dip the strawberries into the chocolate and ensure that all the sides are covered, as seen in the photo below.

6. Leave these to set in the fridge or in a cool place for around half-an-hour.


For the white chocolate:

7. Submerge the grapes into the chocolate and ensure that they have an even layer. These will later on form the ghosts and eyes.

8. Same as with the strawberries, allow these to set in a cool place for around half-an-hour.



Eyeballs – using the black writing icing draw a round circle in the middle of the grape and colour it in fully. Outline the black circle with either blue or green. Then lastly, using the red drag the icing over the white chocolate to give it a ‘bloodshot’ affect.

A pile of eyeballs – now, when I was dipping the grapes into the white chocolate during my first attempt it set SO quickly and the result was just a pile of grapes covered in chocolate that looked NOTHING like eyeballs.  But, I decided rather than throw them away, I would draw a design on them anyway! Turns out that they actually looked quite good in the end (see the photo below).

Ghosts – for the ghost treats I used the grapes were the chocolate had run slightly (the muck-ups basically). I then used the black writing icing to form eyes and a mouth.

Witches hats – attach a strawberry cone to one of the round chocolate buttons. Then use the writing icing for decoration where the two pieces join together.

Pumpkins – wrap a grape in a thin layer of orange fondant icing. Then, using a cocktail stick create lines to make it look like the ridges on a pumpkin. Grab the green writing icing to add a stalk and then draw on a pumpkin carving design using the black icing.

Important: once decorated these should be kept in a cool place and eaten on the same day. 


But seriously now, how cute are these? If you end up making these then I would love to see how they turned out and you can send me photos here! Do you have any plans for this Halloween?

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Happy Halloween!

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