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Amorino Covent Garden: Absolutely Delicious Gelato!

Amorino Covent Garden
Written by Channon Gray

Some people claim that Amorino serves the most smooth and creamy gelato outside of Italy; now, I have never tried gelato in its country of origin, however, I can confirm that Amorino is simply delicious as well as being totally Instagram-able.

I mean, who doesn’t want an ice-cream cone filled with unlimited flavours of gelato that is perfectly stylised into the shape of a flower? Err – hello.

amorino gelato

What is in my cone?

I chose just four flavours of gelato for my waffle cone they were: salted caramel butterscotch, raspberry sorbet, plain chocolate and vanilla.

A top tip of mine is to pick the flavour that you want the most of first; as this forms the centre of the flower and this is the largest part – mine happened to be the chocolate that was incredibly rich but paired with the raspberry sorbet, it worked perfectly.

Also, they simply ask you what sized cone/tub you’d like before you pick your flavours – I went for the regular.

Amorino shops can be found all over the world; the one I visited was just off of Covent Garden in Central London on Garrick Street. It was small but cute and not busy in the slightest, much to my surprise. The Amorino Covent Garden store was super easy to find and the staff were lovely. This was despite my evident naivety as to how the shop actually works regarding making an order; it essentially goes like this: state your size, pay and then pick from the vast amount of flavours. I was clueless.

My gelato from Amorino Covent Garden was absolutely DELICIOUS – I highly recommend this place! Have you ever tried Amorino? What is your favourite flavour of gelato?

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