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Christmas Dinner on a Tight Budget: Student Style – #Blogmas

Written by Channon Gray

Christmas Dinner on a Budget ideal for Students

Christmas dinner can be a bit stressful (aka a nightmare), especially when you are cooking for many! Not only can it involve blood, sweat and tears, but it can also become extremely costly which is not fantastic for a tight student budget. I have come up with a solution to this catastrophe (hoorah)! Below is a basic plan for a straightforward budget Christmas dinner. All of the items are from Tesco’s as it is the online supermarket that I use, however, I’m sure you can buy most of the items from other places. And you’ll never guess what…. thithree-coursese meal cost only £3.65 – yup you heard me, BARGAIN!

This is a plan based on SIX people and the prices are correct as of December 1st 2015.


Party Food – A selection box of nibbles such as cheese bites, chicken skewers and sausage rolls.

Tesco’s currently have the offer of buy 3 for £4.50.


Roast Chicken – £4

This chicken is ideal for a christmas dinner feast. Okay, at Christmas Turkey is the most traditional meat to enjoy but it is incredibly expensive and can be dry if cooked wrong! Chicken is cheaper and always a winner.

Roast Potatoes – £2

Roast potatoes cooked in goose fat are just the best, especially at Christmas for a treat. Frozen potatoes are not only a cheap and long last option, but they also cut out the preparation work – wahoo!

Yorkshire Puddings – £1

Christmas is a great time for rule breaking, so why not have yorkshire puddings with your dinner?

Pigs in Blankets (Sausages wrapped in Bacon) – £2

Pigs in Blankets are one of my absolute favourite things in the world – I just like them a lot. Tesco’s currently has an offer on where you can buy any 3 party frozen foods for £4.50. This is perfect, as you could buy some sausage rolls, cheese bites or chicken skewers for an easy starter.

Stuffing – £1

Stuffing is tasty but requires additional time (and dishes) to make. Aunt Bessie’s have such a thing as “stuffing balls”, who knew it? It’s like they seen us (lazy) students coming! Shove them on a baking tray, and job is a gooden.

Vegetables – £2.79

Christmas dinner wouldn’t be a ‘christmas dinner’ without some hearty vegetables, such as parsnips, carrots and broccoli. Tesco’s have a frozen medley of broccoli and cauliflower for just £1, and you could pair this with Aunt Bessie’s Chunky roasting vegetables – yum, yum. Alternatively, vegetable stem bags are always an easy but delicious option.

Gravy – £0.75

Gravy is always needed with a roast and my family have always used beef gravy with chicken, don’t know why, but ah well.

Total Cost: £13.54 or £2.25 each (based on six people). 


Christmas Pudding with Brandy Butter– £5.89

Christmas pudding and brandy butter is pretty much my idea of heaven! Christmas summed up in a bowl?

Other dessert options: Chocolate Yule Log, Chocolate Fudge Cake or Black Forest Gateau.

Total Cost for all three courses: £21.93 or £3.65 each (based on six people). 

Are you excited for Christmas? I cannot wait, and in fact, I am that excited, I have decide to do #blogmas. This means that I will be posting everyday throughout December up until the 25th. However, YOU need to subscribe to my mailing in order to not miss a post! By subscribing, you will receive all of my posts direct to your email.

Let me know if you make this budget christmas dinner, or if you have any suggestions for me to add.

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