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Tips for undergraduates and students who are looking for a summer job!

Written by Channon Gray

This post was kindly contributed by Paula Nerg, who is a freelance writer from NYC. Her two biggest passions are travelling and writing.

Applying for Summer Jobs

It is about that time of the year when undergraduates and students are doing the most to find the best summer job. While we all know that there are places like McDonalds, KFC and other fast food companies that give students fixable shifts and other perks, there are also jobs that can give you some cash and valuable experience. Below is a list of tips for undergraduates and students who are looking for a summer job.

Educational jobs.

One of the best ways to earn experience + cash during the summer is to join a group of educators, teachers and tutors. This does not require outstanding knowledge. You can choose to be a tutor for kids, teach English to foreigners or help other students with their essays. The top websites to check are eduboard.com and collegewriters.com, these companies accept tutors worldwide, depending on your subject.

Restaurant jobs.

Let’s look through the most popular student jobs. You can try working in fast-food companies, almost all companies offer a long list of cashiers, hostesses, waiters and even cooks. The tip is simple, getting started in a fast-food company by working there for a season, next season instead of coming back, you can apply for a job in a fancy restaurant that pays 3-4 times more. Keep in mind that extraverts do great as hostess, introverts may try food delivery or cooking jobs.

Retail jobs.

Stores offer summer jobs for students as sales associates and cashiers. Nevertheless, you can try working as a merchandiser, or warehouse associate for a change. You can easily add these jobs to your resume. The perks of these jobs is a friendly team and lots of bonuses for the best employers.

Customer service jobs.

This one hides the most variety of jobs, starting with housekeeping, gardening, helping senior people and ending with working in one of the biggest amusement parks. Stores and boutiques also welcome young but friendly customer service; this is perfect for those who enjoy shopping as they get a large discount on all clothes.

Camp jobs.

These are great for energetic, team players who ideally like spending time with kids. An amazing summer experience brings more than you can expect. It saves you tons of money: the camp pays for your stay; food and uniform are also included. You will get to work with wonderful people from all over the world while getting paid at least $8 per hour. This summer job usually ends with lots of new friends and even new partners. Places worth checking out are international camps: Camp USA, e4s camps or you can look through the list of local summer camp jobs in the UK if you would like to stay at home.

There are many ways you can earn money during the summer, now it is up to you what to choose.

Written by Paula Nerg, a freelance writer from New York City. 


If you have any student related blog contributions or questions then you can contact me here! 

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