Meeting the SacconeJolys at the RSPCA Big Walkies Event in London!


Just over two weeks ago I was lucky enough to meet the SacconeJolys, an Irish family who have ‘vlogged’ everyday for the past five years on Youtube. The SacconeJolys are made up of Anna and Jonathan who are parents to Emilia and Eduardo as well as 6 (yup, SIX) maltese dogs: Albi, Sina, Theo, Bianca, Nivea and Nuvola. Although they are originally from Ireland, they now live near London and are full-time vloggers! 

I have been watching the SacconeJolys for just over two years. Everyday at 6 o’clock (without fail) I spend several minutes refreshing my YouTube subscription page (like a slightly crazy person… it is not weird, they just cheer me up) waiting for the latest dose of 16 minutes of madness, chaos and overall happiness. The SacconeJolys never fail to make me smile and that is all that matters.

Since moving to London, I have tried several times to meet this incredible family and several times I have failed. The biggest being at the Game of Thrones premiere, where I waited for just over five hours (in the freezing cold) AND I still managed to miss them by a split second *cries*. However, when I seen that they were attending the RSPCA Big Walkies event at Alexandra Palace in May, I was beyond excited. Anna and Jonathan decided to host a meet up whereby instead of buying a ‘ticket’, you simply had to donate a set amount to the RSPCA in order to gain a VIP pass – this is why I love them! So, not only did myself and RoRo (the bestest friend ever, to be honest, we are basically twins) get to meet the SacconeJolys but we donated to a deserving charity at the same time.

sacconejolys and i


Anna and Jonathan were the most loveliest, down-to-earth, normal and friendliest people, ever, and I mean EVER. It was like talking to people that you’ve known forever, rather than someone who you’ve never met or interacted with before. RoRo spoke to Anna about tips for joining YouTube, whilst Jonathan and I talked about the tragic Game of Thrones incident! They seemed so incredibly grateful for everything that they have and I find them so inspiring, as they have worked extremely hard to get to where they are to now. I believe that Anna and Jonathan are living proof that if you work hard enough at achieving your dreams, then they will come true eventually, for as long as you want to reach them. Dreams can come true!

The RSPCA event, despite the miserable weather, was so much fun and we managed to get into the world famous SacconeJoly vlog (now that is one to tick off the bucket list)! Look out for RoRo and I at 9:34 ish (rocking the double-denim…) – :D

 The following photos are taken from Anna and Jonathan’s Instagram accounts: and

SacconeJolys The Dogs

Squad goals?

Emilia Sacconejoly

Emilia is unbelievably cute and absolutely hilarious!

Eduardo SacconeJoly

Eduardo is the best dressed baby around, of course and his cuteness is an added bonus!

The SacconeJolys inspire me and make me happy, who inspires you? Let me know here!

Don’t forget to check out the family’s YouTube channel here: as well as Anna’s blog here: – trust me you are missing out if you don’t already watch the SacconeJolys. They are a daily dose of happiness and laughter!

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 14.25.30

P.S. This is how I feel about Monday’s…

Emilia Sacconejoly

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