My Planner: A Medium Black Kikki.K – a hobby and an organisational tool for Students

Written by Channon Gray

My Black Kikki K Medium - heythereChannon

As I have talked about many of times before on this blog, I have a slight obsession with all things stationery, from stickers to cute paper to Filofaxes, Kikki.K’s and as of yesterday an Erin Condren life planner but more on that another day. I thought it was about time, I wrote about my planner in a weeee bit more detail; especially as this is a crucial tool for any ‘organised’ student, like moi.

Planning, whether it be for functionality or for purely creative purposes, is something that I would recommend; it ensures organisation and helps with forward thinking, even for those who feel like they have the world on their shoulders. ‘Planning’ is possible no matter what tools you have. It can be simple with just a black pen on paper or the works with stickers, paperclips, colour-coding, dividers… The list and possibilities are endless.

In the front of my planner, as above, I am currently using paperclips from Cherry Blossom in The Market Square, the dashboard is from Hello Petite Paper, the panda keyring I bought in France and most of the other bits and bobs are by Kikki.K.

THe Planner

I own several planners in all different colours and sizes, but currently, I am loving my Medium Black Kikki.K, which is the newest edition to my collection. It’s good quality, doesn’t get marked; despite flying in and out of my (grubby) bag all day and is just an all-round monochrome classic. It’s simple but timeless and highly customisable. I like how personal inserts can float between planners depending on my mood. It has pockets galore and can hold a phenomenal amount of paper, or if you are me, lots and lots of ‘clutter and junk’.

MY planner set-up

I use the simple divider tabs that came with my planner; and included in those sections are: notes on university/my courses, my blog post ideas and social media account trackers, general to do lists, healthy eating and weight-loss inspiration as well as a newly added space for my dissertation progress. I have weekly, monthly and yearly calendars. These are jam packed with everything to do with my at times, hectic life. Stored in the very back is a notepad for rough notes. This is because I am very picky about having neat handwriting in my ‘prettily’ decorated pages. I also store important addresses and phone numbers for emergencies near the end; as well as trackers on all sorts from essay grades to parcel deliveries, just because I can.

My Black Kikki K Medium - heythereChannon

These stickers are by Organised Chaos Co (who might I add, is so beyond lovely and kind) and the fruit deco stickers are from Paperchase. The pen is by Kikki.K and has the phrase “do what makes you happy” printed on the side.

Using a planner for organisation

Planners are of course, no doubtably great aids for organisation and time management. Although, in general, they are  useful for motivation: if you want to get stuff done and visually see your own progress. My monthly spreads are helpful when it comes to blogging. This is because I can see exactly what I have done. They are also handy for jotting in future deadlines or dates. However, it is my weekly pages that are invaluable to me. Admittingly, I go a bit O.T.T at times with the stickers but it is still highly functional. I use these pages for daily to do’s, prioritising tasks and for long-term memory keeping. It is almost scrapbook-like. I am even able to record my water intake using hydration stickers; which as you can see, I am absolutely terrible at.

My Black Kikki K Medium Planner - heythereChannon

Most of these stickers are from Glam Planner Sticker on Etsy, the study panda from Chocho and Mimi and the Sadness ‘Not Today’ is by All Things Paper.

Stickers, papeprclips, washi tape, pens and overall cuteness

Now onto the fun bit: stickers and things. As you can see, especially if you have come here from my planning Instagram account, I own so many planner accessories that it will be a fairly long time before I run out. But, stickers can be both decorative and visually functional. Who doesn’t want a pizza sticker for #PPFN (Pizza Party Friday Night, to you and me), I mean, common?

Planner 1


I own so many stickers but some of my favourites are above including Rosy Prints, TwoKraftyChicks, Chocho and Mimi, Pau and Ari Designs, Violet LeBeaux, Hello Petite Paper, Planner Chick Designs and of course, an Etsy shop I couldn’t live without Pemberley Prints.

I like to use washi tape to reinforce the fragile punched ring holes and I have many in my collection from John Lewis, Paperchase, The Range and Ebay. It also helps to complete and bring together pages, can be used to attach photos or tickets and as stickers.

I am super fussy when it comes to pens but I swear by Pilot Frixon erasable and removable ink pens, the Uni Pin Fine Line Waterproof and Fade proof pens and any black ultra thin tip sharpies as glossy stickers or washi tapes are tricky to write onto else.

Paperclips are always handy to have in any stationery collection as they can hold pages together, ensure that important documents don’t accidentally fall out and they are just cute, especially the pretty felt ones such as the beach hut above from My Unicorn Planner.

 – – –

So there we have it, a brief introduction to my planner; as well as planning in general as a hobby and for practical use. Planning is something that I just love to do, and therefore, I thought why not start to share that with you on here every Tuesday! If you’d like to see more of this kind of post then let me know in the comments below, don’t forget to follow my Instagram, subscribe to my mailing list for future giveaways and keep an eye-out on YouTube for an upcoming video this time next week!

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