Waiting for Exam Results

Waiting for Exam Results Advice

Results Day is now just over two weeks away for me and looming closer by the day. It feels like only yesterday that I was sat here writing about the never-ending wait for my first year exam grades; and honestly, this time last year I was absolutely terrified for several reasons. Not only had I never before sat university-style exams but at the same time, throughout my first year I didn’t really improve no matter how much I utilised any constructive criticism and advice. Also, alongside my chosen degree path in Social Anthropology, I had been thrown into the deep end with International Relations as my outside option (Channon combined with international history, names, dates, faces and worldwide treaties? Nah, I don’t think so). I didn’t have high expectations for myself to say the least, mainly because I found a lot of the topics we did extremely hard to understand and more importantly, remember for my exams. Of course, second year hasn’t exactly been much better but at last I feel as though I have a small grasp on what ‘Anthropology’ means, which is an excellent start. Then again, despite my low self-confidence and lack-of-belief in myself, my first year results weren’t too bad and most significantly, I didn’t fail – wahoo!

Therefore, this year it is different, I have managed to be consistent in all my essays, at last received help for my dyslexia and dyspraxia and after months of stressing over revision I managed to compete this year all in one piece, (just about anyway, I found my first grey hair the other day at aged 20). With that in mind and the fact that last year I was able to do it, as with all my other exams in the past, so why not believe I absolutely can this year?

If I could offer one tip for coping with results day, whether it be for GCSEs, A-Levels or at Degree level and beyond, try not to worry or work yourself leading up to the day. Remember that you tried your absolute best in each exam and perhaps, if you don’t get the result that you wished for then there is always a solution or another option available, from re-takes to entire course changes. Results don’t determine absolutely everything, but the right attitude, motivation and endless determination does. 

I wish you all the best on your exam results, I’m sure you’ve smashed it! Don’t forget, I am always at the other end of an email should you like advice or just someone to chat too – you can find all of that information here! 

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