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Advice on Coping with Stress and Exhaustion

Coping with Stress and Exhaustion as a Student // heythereChannon
Written by Channon Gray

I have really struggled the past few weeks with juggling multiple essays, endless revision, and extremely tiring exams. I’ll be honest, three weeks ago, I would have openly admitted that I just wasn’t cut out for university. I just wanted to hide under a duvet and cry, forever, and ever. However, with only one exam left, I’ve even surprised myself and guess what, *touch wood* I am yet to get unwell! Success? Here are a few tips that I have been using to get me through this horrendous exam season!


The most important first step towards helping stress is to just breathe.

I know, when you are rushed off your feet, and a million (and one) things are whizzing around your head, the last thing you think of doing is to just stop and breathe. Who has time to stop and doing nothing for a moment, especially when stress, deadlines and general panic sets in? But it is so unbelievably important that you make time for yourself to just slow right down. Take everything in, calm down and relax for a minute. This will help to approach all things in life with a clear head.


Now, I know that I am ALWAYS going on, and on, and on about planning BUT when you feel yourself getting stress or even anxious over starting something, then planning works wonders.

Grab a notebook and a pen, and just start by writing down all what you have to get done. Then, on another piece of paper break down the master ‘to do’ list into manageable chunks. Now, I like to use a timeline, and I just write in all my tasks in one hours slots but it is entirely up to you. Just get it all written down, on paper so that you can see what to preference and begin with.


Sleep is beyond crucial for dealing with stress.

I have really struggled these past few weeks with sleep. Whereas normally the second I feel a stress headache coming on, I just have a nap, lately, I have been avoiding naps at all costs because it means that I spend half the night awake. Instead, I have just been trying to sleep between 12am-8am to give me a good start to the day. Without enough sleep, I feel as though my day is just an uphill, unachievable battle of boredom, tiredness, and overwhelming stress.

Take a Shower.

Baths are actually better, but a shower is all I’ve got and honestly, at 2am a super warm shower with Original Source Pineapple or Whoosh from Lush (aka ultra-refreshing) shower gel, it is a life saver.

Now I shower every-single-day, mainly because without a shower, I just don’t really wake up. But showering can help to reduce stress levels, in my opinion; as it offers time away from your work and a space for thinking, planning and getting focused for the day ahead. It’s just refreshing, awakening and a good way to just wind down.

Stay Positive and Go Outdoors.

Outdoors = a fresh mind.

It has been almost 30°C in London for the past few days and being stuck indoors, with my blinds down (because my room is basically a giant greenhouse), has been upsetting, to say the least. A quick break away from the laptop to go outside is a great cure for stress. Whether it be a walk or just to sit out in the sun, anything helps. Go outside and try to remain positive.

And remember, everything is going to be okay.


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