What an awful, dark and uncertain day to be alive… #EUref

EU Referendum Vote

*Warning, I’m incredibly annoyed and have decided that it would be an excellent idea to shout about it over here. Although, I haven’t slept in almost 24 hours, so expect spelling mistakes galore. Ranting and rambling. You’ve been warned…*

And so the UK has officially left the EU for good and guess what? There is absolutely no going back.

But hey, the truth is I am so shocked, scared and angry that I don’t even know where to begin or what to say.

Let’s start with this, how an earth did this happen? How did we let this inevitable disaster be put into the hands of many who have very little or insufficient knowledge (me included) on the incredibly important and life changing matter? Who would even deem it acceptable to agree with such a small-minded, backward-thinking, xenophobic, racist and outright shameful campaign? Who? Tell me, please.

I just don’t understand how we are able to pride ourselves on being “United” and “Great” and yet still feel at ease with projecting horrible, destructive and dehumanising views towards our fellow neighbours and those escaping war-torn and highly desperate places? Especially considering our brutal past. If that was you or me, then we’d be out of here in no time.

Why, as a country are we so insistent on independence, when just a short time ago we found it perfectly okay to colonise everything and everyone. Take homes, jobs, land, resources… That weren’t ours to take.

“Britishness” is no longer what we knew all them years ago. It is not cream teas and corgi’s. Britishness is our wonderful multicultural, diverse, open minded nation. That welcomes, accepts and learns. Or is it though? Following this vote and outstanding support for the likeable disgraces that are Boris Johnson and Farage, I’m not sure anymore.

So now we “take back control”, but of what exactly? Our finances? Despite Nigel Farage already admitting ‘a mistake’ in the EU fee of £350m, just seconds after leave was announced the winner. Our jobs? Our rights? Our sovereignty? Our stability and security? Or most laughably, our borders? They cannot possibly believe that this will happen, especially as in the haze of this protest infused vote, people seem to forget that the Tories will continue to run the country regardless.

Also, I am sick of people scrutinising anyone with an education and branding them under classist snobbery. I’m from a working class background, who decided once upon a time that I could simply work my socks of and improve my life forever. Anyone can do that, should they chose. But surely, the fact that the most educated were more likely to vote remain raises questions?

I’m privedged to live in both the richest, London, and the poorest most EU dependent part of the country, Cornwall. Of course, London is no doubtly dependent on the European Union, especially with regards to universities, such as the one I attend. But most annoying and infuriatingly, Cornwall, my home county, decided that it was perfectly acceptable to vote leave; despite it being an area that is the highest funded partner of the EU. A place that relies entirely on EU money, as it is far enough away for the government to neglect and forget it’s very existence. It’s roads, schools/colleges/universities, small-businesses, research facilities, recreational and cultural heritage landmarks are made possible only by the European Union. And it would be absolutely absurd to think that those costs could just be picked up by those in power over here. Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face.

I just believe that this is unfair on us, as the younger population who will face the consequences our entire lives good or bad. At this level of uncertainty, is it okay to take these risks voluntarily?

I feel sorry for all those, such as my Sister, who will no longer be able to take up the ERASMUS scheme nor travel freely, unthinkingly, at the click of a button. We are the ones set to use the NHS for reasons such as, starting a family, or finding a job and protecting our rights as equal individuals regardless of gender, age, class, ethnicity… I cannot believe that we have done this to a place that we so “fondly adore”. Well I say we, but the majority of my generation voted to remain, therefore it’s the older generations we have to blame for not caring about stability for their children and their children’s children in a world fuelled by hatred, fear and uncertainty.

We should be uniting, hugging and collaborating rather than building bridges.

And before anyone blames “smarty-pants Cameron” for this or in years from now when it all goes wrong, just don’t. This was your decision. You decided our future; not him, nor any other politician, expert, researcher, scientist nor spokesperson… You did out of pure greed, selfishness and through underlying fascism. Don’t complain about unexpected financial implications and obligations; the leave vote was always going to be a step into the unknown and right now, I’m struggling to see a positive, happy, bright future in a country that thinks it’s better as a lonely island in the sea than together with its neighbours as a collective.

I am so utterly ashamed to call myself a British citizen right now. This is something that physically upsets and will no doubt, bug me for a while to come. It’s sparks a form of anger, that is far from me as an individual.

In five years from now, when everything is swell, I will be the first to admit I was wrong but when our ‘beloved’ country is in tatters, I will similarly be the first to say, I told you so.

Comment below, of course.

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*apologies for the ranting and raving, I’m just very passionate*

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