This Mother’s Day: what I’ve learnt from my Mum!

Written by Channon Gray

Over the year’s I’ve written several posts about my Mum for her birthday and Mother’s Day. However, I’ve never really thought about what she has actually taught me over the years. I’m the first to admit that my Mum is simply the best. Although, not merely because she is always there for us, but for one reason, and one reason alone: her emotional, physical and mental strength.

Whilst, my Mum is always the first to throw something across a room, a trait my Sister inherited and not me (phew); she is likewise willing to give up temporarily, accept momentary defeat and return eventually. In the past decade or so, my wonderful Mum has been dealt some truly awful cards. However, throughout it all, she has tried to maintain strong for us: Natty and I.

This time in 2015, I wrote about how I wouldn’t have achieved what I had without the sheer perseverance of my Mum pushing me throughout my education. I wanted to give up on so many occasions; but each time she reminded me that I was capable. Importantly, she believed in me when others (and myself) did not. I also said that no doubt, she’ll help me non-stop throughout my degree, intentionally or not.

Then during this time in 2016, I was struggling even more with second year university exams, essays, deadlines and insomnia. I came back from London and we went off exploring our home-county, Cornwall. It was much needed; I needed to spend time with her and not crying over my laptop keyboard. I realised all the small things she does for me and their importance.

Now in 2017, just 9 weeks before the END of my degree, I know that I wouldn’t have made it this far without her. Despite everything that has happened in her own life over the past three or so years, she’s had to remain strong for me, to pull me through the stress, upset and confusion of university life. Even if I have lived 300 miles away!

I’ve wanted to drop-out, accept stupidity on behalf of my dyslexia and dyspraxia and throw my achievements away. But, my Mum has always been on the other end of the phone telling me to get my act together, stop being silly and take on each task, one at a time!

This Mother’s Day, I want to celebrate my Mum’s strength and belief in me; as without it, I would not be graduating in July. She’s my best-friend, my rock and my motivation to challenge myself, always.

Happy Mother’s Day Mum, I love you lots and lots!

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Mum's are full of life lessons, great advice and act as the perfect shoulder to cry on. Here's why you found appreciate your parents and all what they do - // heythereChannon - Happy Mother's Day!

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