Stressed, Depressed and never Dressed

stressed and depressed

Stressed, depressed and never dressed, more-or-less sums up my life right now.

I don’t think I have ever felt more overwhelmed and down about everything. If I could live in a fort made of duvets and cuddly toys, that is also fully equipped with unlimited pizza and creme eggs, and live in my pyjamas, for the next few months then I absolutely would.

My exams begin in early May; but before my revision is able to begin I have a three essays and a 5,000 word fieldwork project due. Then in terms of revision, the list is endless. So much to do, and honestly incredibly little (if not enough) time to get it all done. My sleeping pattern, when I can sleep, is a tad nocturnal. I worry, stress and cry all day. And I’m pretty certain, a few grey hairs are starting to show… Student life is fun.

I feel like I have to achieve the impossible. If I’m not feeling dizzy and sick, then a headache is inevitable. I have created more to-do lists than you can imagine, plotted my revision schedule a thousand times over and still I am struggling. With each day that goes past, my political and legal exam on May 10th just gets closer.

In my lastest report for my fieldwork module, I managed to get a first, who knows how! Of course, I was incredibly pleased as I had never obtained one before. However, it has put more pressure on me to get a good grade in my final (much longer) write-up, which I have no idea where to start. As for my essays, I have written two out of three; both of which were rushed, and in one of them I have definitely misunderstood the question. But, I have gone past the point of caring, everything is too much to deal with and so I’m rushing for time at the expense of quality.

I have a hundred-and-one things to do from sorting out my halls contract to starting my third essay to revising to blogging to keeping up with Slimming World to visiting friends and family to sorting out medical stuff. But the hardest part is that no one really understands how much I am finding all of this tricky and difficult to deal with. No one is able to help or console me, as only I am able to deal with it. I’m currently at home, which of course is packed full of distractions compared to working in my room, alone, in halls.

Concentrating with dyslexia and dyspraxia is a little tougher than it might be for others. I work well with background noise; such as being in a cafe or with the TV on super quietly, but anything more than that and I am virtually unable to work well. I have to concentrate a lot more than most in order to be able to understand and remember information. Therefore, it is quickly becoming apparent that at home revising is just not happening. There is just too much going on for me.

Whilst it isn’t fair that I share or put this on anyone else, I promised myself to share everything about my university life with you. I am here to help and advise, but I don’t have much advice when it comes to stress. Everything I thought I knew, all the coping strategies that I have just aren’t cutting it right now. Too much, all at once.

I just want to sleep, cry and eat chocolate. I cannot face revising; even though I have been chipping away at it, piece by piece, I feel like I am getting nowhere. Do you have any tips and tricks, please leave them in the comments below and help an incredibly stressed girl out!

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 Update // Facebook post:

So, I just wanted to post an apology for the lack of blog posts this past month. I have been so busy with the last few…

Posted by heythereChannon on Thursday, 31 March 2016

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April 6, 2016 07:11

Hi Channon
SAMapp might be worth having a look at. I recommended it to one of my students who has been suffering with anxiety around deadlines and coping with everything. If you get my email address come through and want to get in touch to see if i can help further, please do.

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