A night with Adele: laughter and tears.

Written by Channon Gray

Adele 1

Attending Adele concert has always been on my bucket list!

I went to see Adele on Tuesday night at the O2 in London, and oh my, it was the most incredible, emotional and overwhelming night from start to finish. Not only is her talent out of this world but she is beyond funny and down-to-earth.

During her two and a half hour long set, I laughed, I cried and I ‘sang’ at the top of my voice.

I’ve never been to a concert that was almost a stand-up comedy show nor have I ever been in an arena where it is so relaxed, as if it were just you and the artist. Adele creates an atmosphere where everyone is United, from the father and daughter beside me, to the elderly couple in front and the two young girls behind, to Adele herself, it felt like I was in a room with friends and not strangers. Laughing in unison, crying together and no judgements.

If I could say just one thing, it would be that you attend an Adele concert.

She opened with “Hello” and I cannot describe how I felt. She sang the first note, Hello, it’s me, and I burst out in floods of tears (it was at that moment that I realised that eyeliner and non-waterproof mascara was a terrible mistake). I couldn’t help but just cry, her presence was enough.

Adele 2

After several songs, she introduced herself, her north London accent causing everyone to crack up with laughter. Just moments in she addressed the attacks in Brussels; of which her statement has now been heard worldwide and can been seen in a clip I recorded below.

In-between songs, she kept all of us captivated and her unpredictability just makes her that little more special. Not afraid to say what she thinks nor have individual conversations with members of the audience. She’ll jump at the chance to have a fan onstage with her and make jokes throughout that only she finds funny; Adele concerts are truly one of a kind for that reason. It was absolutely phenomenal. From swearing to her confessions, it makes her all that more normal, relatable and loveable.

She spent a large section of the show strutting around in a British flag, which a fan threw to her, in between complaining that they should have got a bigger sized one. Proud and not a care in the world.

Adele 4

Adele 3

“Set Fire to the Rain” was impressive as rain, yes actual rain, fell from the O2’s ceiling. Likewise, Adele dedicated “Someone Like You” to the fans exclaiming how it is no longer her song, but ours as a group of 20,000 and 1.

However, aside from her priceless facial expressions in “Rumour Has It” and “One and Only”; the highlight of the night was her tribute to Brussels with “Make Me Feel Your Love”. It was breathtaking, beautiful and simply hard to put into words. The entire arena light-up with their torch lights, Adele finished by applauding the audience and stating that she had “never been so moved”; and honestly, it felt like a special moment to share with no many.

This was all and more from what I expected to see at Adele concert; it took my breath away.


To make you feel my love ✨

A photo posted by CHannon Gray (@heytherechannon) on


Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 08.56.21

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 08.57.00

Adele is one of the best artists I’ve ever seen live!

She made references to Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, Eastenders and McDonald’s in Thailand. You name it, she probably addressed throughout the night.

Adele’s effort to connect with the fans is something I admire. She sang “Happy Birthday” to multiple people; singed a vinyl; took as many selfies as she could; spoke to someone from the audience’s Mum on FaceTime; and got a budding artist upon on stage to show everyone her Adele portrait, of which, Adele asked kindly if she could keep it to display in her own home.

I had the absolute best evening, and she ended with Rolling in the Deep which you can view here. The arena filled with tiny paper, handwritten notes containing song lyrics and messages. I, of course, filled my merch carrier bag with many (too many) confetti pieces.


Adele you have my heart.

A photo posted by CHannon Gray (@heytherechannon) on

I am going to leave you with her spectacular tribute to Brussels,

To view the entire night, then ahead on over to my youtube channel for more clips from the Adele concert, songs and utterly priceless, in typical Adele fashion, moments. Don’t forget to leave a comment below! 
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Pam Avoledo
August 27, 2017 17:10

Adele is amazing. I love watching her live. She’s really personable and talks with as though she’s in a room with her closest friends.

March 28, 2016 10:52

thank you , i am going to the nec birmingham this Sat , every morning since the tour started i wake sying not long now , iam so excited god knows what I will feel like come the day love your pics and great post

regards Terry

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