Family Time: turning 60, cake and too much fried chicken!

Home-time - Train to Cornwall from London

This weekend just gone, I decided to go home for my Grandad’s 60th birthday as I was able to enjoy ‘the calm before the (revision, essays, stress and lack of sleep) storm begins at the end of this month! I had a super-chilled weekend with my family and honestly, like I said in a previous post, I just needed it. Once I got through my anthropology ethnography report on the train home, and aside from my media readings that I did on the way back to London on Sunday, I basically ignored university for a few days. With the ignorance of uni stuff came the seaside, cake and Hollyoaks catch-up.

I spent Thursday evening eating Chinese food and binge watching TV after my incredibly long journey back to Cornwall. Friday was a slow start (I needed the sleep); I went into town with my Nanny, collected my Grandad’s birthday cake and called into the card shop. Of course, when in Cornwall the only thing to eat is a Cornish Pasty, so that obviously happened. In the evening we drove (a very long way) to Sainsbury’s in Penzance via Praa Sands to get a few photos of the sea. Sainsbury’s sounds like a very-dull family outing, but honestly, just driving randomly around the county is one of my favourite things to do with my Mum. And besides, Natty wanted a photo of the food aisle’s for her photography project. Don’t ask because I honestly have no idea! For tea it was KFC overlooking St.Michael’s Mount; fried chicken and the beach – winning! On the way home we called into my grandparent’s house for ‘a coffee’ and ended up leaving at near-on 2am… oops!

Praa Sands - Cornwall

Sainsburys in Penzance

St.Michaels Mount - Cornwall

Saturday was the main reason why I travelled back for the weekend, as we had a family meal to celebrate my Grandad Andy’s 60th birthday! I had fried chicken and chips (again…, how did I not realise that until now?) at the County Arms, and oh my, it was absolutely delicious but I couldn’t finish it all – paprika mayonnaise is the bomb though! The evening was spent laugh and joking, eating cheese and biscuits, and of course, the best part, scoffing our faces on birthday cake (which is arguably, my favourite thing in the world).


Family 2

Family 3

I’ll definitely be in trouble for the next photo, but ah well… SORRY MUM!

Birthday MEal

Chicken and Chips at the County Arms

Birthday Party

I’d just like to take this moment to wish my Grandad a wonderful 60th Birthday! My Grandad Andy is someone who I look up too even when he is being his grumpy Hippo-like (for clarification, we call him Hippo because hippos wake up grumpy, stay grumpy all day and go to bed, grumpy) self. He’s just fab and an absolute wind-up merchant.

Birthday Candles and Cake Party

Candles and Cake

Birthday Cake for 60th Birthday Party

Don’t forget to leave a comment below – what is your favourite thing to do with family? Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 14.25.30

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