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Written by Channon Gray

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Instagram: heythereChannon

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Porthtowan – Instagram: heythereChannon

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You know how sometimes you’ve just got to go home, see family and quite literally, do nothing but relax. Well, last week I did exactly that.

Although ‘reading week’ is (obviously) designed to catch up on work and various readings that have been forgotten, lost or deliberately ‘not completed’ throughout the term; I must be honest, I did absolutely nothing. However, I did spend time with family for six days; and it was beyond refreshing.

Going Home:

Since the New Year began, in what feels like forever ago, I have gradually lost heart with everything from reading to essays to blogging (I know, I apologise). I just felt as though I couldn’t be bothered to do anything other than binge-watch Netflix (*cough, cough* 90210) and ‘pretend’ to diet, when in reality I have found a new love for GBK skinny fries and their homemade banana milkshake (because I am even in denial of being lactose-intolerant, oops)…

However, I feel that the past week has given me a pick-me-up; either that or it is the fact that my second-year exams are less than three months away. Although, even more scarily, I am a wee-bit over half-way through my degree as a whole. Of course, I am totality not worrying. And so, I’ve decided that considering January was pretty terrible for me and February hasn’t been that much better, this means that March is the month to start trying again. Okay, don’t all clap at once!

Home is the best place for me, especially muddy walks in the park, icy cold (shivering and complaining) strolls on the beach collecting pebbles (to paint, that obviously never actually get painted on) and scoffing our faces on Indian takeaways whilst half watching Take Me Out and (heavily criticising) Tattoo Fixers. I enjoyed many long baths; something that us students are often deprived of. I even baked some chocolate cookies (or ‘cookie’ because it ended up being a giant mess on a baking tray). Home is just great; even if I do constantly think about London when in Cornwall! Of which can I just add, has no phone signal if you are on Tescos mobile like moi. Peace and quiet anyone?

Friends are a necessity!

We had our friends to stay from the Forest of Dean; and in my opinion, they didn’t stay long enough. Unfortunately, half term is capped at just five days, sigh, sigh, sigh. We stayed up late chatting about crazy dreams, one in particular regarded rice-krispies, a stolen shopping trolley and oxford street (I’ll share it with you on a rainy day). I was finally reunited with ten-year-old mini-me who likes Zoella just as much as I do and I managed to keep a five-year-old entertained for over an hour with stamper pens and washi tape.

So here we go, time to start the year again with blogging more and focusing more on my university modules. However, I need your help to make it all feel worth while, all you need to do is subscribe to my mailing list (it is probably on the top right of this page or at the bottom) and this will send my posts to your emails, meaning no checking back for my slightly-unreliable posts. It is easy peasy! And guess what, you’ll have my upmost love forever – fab, eh?

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