How Millennials Have Changed the Travel Industry

The travel industry has undergone huge changes to keep up with the interests of millennials, which are very different to the previous generations. - // heythereChannon
Written by Channon Gray

Millennials have changed many industries in recent times and one which has perhaps changed the most is travel. This travel industry has undergone huge changes to keep up with the demands and interests of millennials which are very different to the generations that have come before. So, how has the travel industry changed in recent times?

Travel & Work

The rise of remote working combined with the enthusiasm for travel amongst the millennial generation has led to many young people travelling and working at the same time – what is known as being a “digital nomad”. This allows people to have a great work-life balance and see the world while they earn money.

Backpacking Adventures

You also see a lot more people saving up their money and then going on a travel adventure for a few months before returning and saving up money once again for another trip. In addition to a thirst for travel, this could also be due to the fact that some people are less career-driven and may be unable to get a foot on the property ladder back at home.

Choosing Less “Tourist-Friendly” Destinations

There have always been destinations around the world which people have shied away from or it has been difficult to visit for one reason or another. Nowadays, younger travellers are more willing to visit these places or there are fewer restrictions in place which can make it possible. This also means that a lot of people are visiting the more obvious tourist destinations less and getting more authentic experiences when they travel to a country.

Different Experiences

You know also see a lot of millennials opting for travel experiences which were once considered solely for the older generations. Cruises are perhaps the best examples of this as you get many millennials on cruises now and this has changed the industry massively – there are now cruises that go to unique destinations, ones which are designed for younger people, themed cruises from companies like Jules Verne, music festival cruises, etc.

Responsible Tourism

Environmental damage is a major topic in the media right now and the millennial generation and younger generations are very eco-conscious. You will now see these groups trying to reduce their carbon footprint when it comes to travel (and other areas of their life) as well as trying to support the local communities of the places that they travel to.


These are just a few of the ways that millennials have changed the face of travel in recent times. There is a very different approach to travel nowadays which has changed due to various social, political, economic and technological developments and it will now be interesting to see what the future holds and if there will be more major changes in the coming years. 


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The travel industry has undergone huge changes to keep up with the interests of millennials, which are very different to the previous generations. - // heythereChannon

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