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Festival Essentials for Students

Festival Essentials

 Absolute Essentials:

  • Battery pack – everybody’s phone dies whilst stuck in traffic to get into the festival. So therefore unless you are happy to go without a phone, it is a good idea to take a battery pack or charger so that you do have a phone for 4am when you can’t find your tent (or your friends).
  • Neon Face Paint and Glitter – this is the most essential item to take to a festival! Face paints are the key to looking ‘summery, cool and indie’. They also serve as a good way to make friends, everyone loves someone with face paint! It is also a good idea to take cotton wool buds in order to create the perfect ‘festival dots’ design.
  • Sunglasses – sunglasses are probably obvious, BUT super awesome (and completely pointless sunglasses) such as my tequila one’s are an absolute must! Who doesn’t love pointless festival items?
  • Flowery Headbands – super cute and necessary in the ‘festival’ dress code.
  • Hand sanitiser and wet wipes – everyone knows that to be a true ‘festival goer’ then the number one rule is to refrain from washing. However, hand sanitiser and wet wipes are cheat way to stay ‘clean’ without actually having a shower (which tend to be non-existent or entail a MASSIVE queue at festivals).
  • Body Spray – you might not have showered for five days or washed your hands using anything other than the sticky port-a-loo foam stuff but at least you’ll smell good.
  • Wellies – festivals are all about the rain and mud but wellies are always a good idea, even if you are lucky enough to have sunshine.
  • Wireless Speakers and a camera – yup, you definitely want to be one of those annoying people blasting out music at 6am and to be the person who watches every act through a camera lens! Although, it is worth it for the memories right?
  • Concealer – eye bags and dark circles are inevitable at festivals, so why not take concealer? Rimmel Wake Me Up for the win!

Other Important Things:

  • Bum bag – a perfect place to keep that phone charger, camera and money!
  • Hand cream – dry hands? No way!
  • Nail varnish – chipped nails? Nah ah!
  • Selfie stick – I mean, obviously! (Although, be aware these are now banned from some festivals and concerts).
  • Suncream – nobody wants a lobster nose or shoulders?
  • Dry shampoo – once again, the lack of shower situation becomes a big situation after 3 or so days.
  • Razor – spiky legs? Nope, nope, nope.
  • Medicine and painkillers – hangovers… Need I say anymore?
  • Hip flask – well, you never know!
  • First Aid Kit – I am beyond accident prone and I ALWAYS need a plaster.
  • Air mattress – comfort is possible when camping, trust me.
  • Rain coat – festivals attract rain.

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