Freshers Survival Strategies University

A Survival Guide to Freshers Week – Icebreakers: Drinking and non-Drinking games!

Freshers Week Icebreakers

  1. Leave your door open – leaving your door propped open allows for people to invite themselves in to say hi.
  2. Offer to help someone unpack or help carry their stuff – the chances are you will bump into someone struggling with their belongings, give them a helping hand!
  3. Leave a note or a present in the flat common room – throughout my first year at university my flatmates and I communicated via post-it notes on the fridge. I would start by leaving your number or suggesting something to do at a particular time and date on a note in the kitchen. Another great idea is to leave a pack of doughnuts or brownies on the kitchen side with a note telling people to help themselves! This is a nice gesture, that suggests to people that you are kind and friendly.
  4. Ask for advise or just a random question – this is a perfect icebreaker! Ask someone a question even if you know the answer, for example, “where is the nearest supermarket from here, do you know?”. Or if sensible isn’t your thing then quirky questions are great and often make people laugh.
  5. Be direct, introduce yourself or knock on your flatmates doors – this is perhaps not for everyone and to be honest, I don’t know if I would be brave enough to do this! Knock on your flatmates doors or post a note under their door, tell them a little bit about you, your flat number, etc. Alternatively, speak to people in the lift as it is an easy way to meet people throughout your halls.
  6. Play a game/drinking game or go out – of course this is not for everyone but alcohol is an ideal icebreaker and you can get to know your flatmates incredibly well after a few drinking games!
    • Ideas for drinking games:
      • Ring of Fire – this drinking game is almost guaranteed to make everyone a tad drunk and some a little more so. The rules can be found here.
      • Never Have I Ever – basically, this game is designed to embarrass people. The game goes as follows: you have to make a statement that is true, “Never have I ever been to Edinburgh” and then everyone in the group who has takes a sip of their drink. Obviously, the drunker everyone gets the more adventurous the questions become.
      • The Name Game – this one requires a lot of celebrity first and last name knowledge. The game begins with someone stating a famous person’s full name: “Harry Styles” the next person to follow has to say a name that starts with the first letter of the surname just said, “Sarah Jessica Parker” and so on. If a name cannot be thought of immediately, then that player must drink.
    • Ideas for non-drinking games:
      • Uno – a super easy, super cheap but fun card game. Uno is a personal family favourite in my household.
      • Board Game – I took monopoly with me to uni last year and although it never came out the box at least the thought was there. Board games require time, however, this provides a great opportunity to just sit down and have a chat with a hint of competition…
      • Charades – this requires no props only an imagination but is guaranteed to bring out the jokester in everyone.
      • Cards Against Humanity – this slightly horrible card game is a bit of a laugh and is a good way to suss out your new ‘normal’ flatmates.
      • Fact or fiction – this is a pretty simple game, the aim is to state two truths and one false fact about yourself. The rest of the group have to guess the fake fact but they can ask questions before deciding an answer. This can be turned into a drinking game if you would like, for example, if your false fact is found out then you have to drink.
      • If… Game – this is another game that will allow you to figure out your flatmates peculiar side. As a group write down 20 questions on little pieces of paper and place them into a jar. Take it in turns to pull out a question and answer it. This is a great conversation starter! Examples of questions include: “if you were on a desert island, what three things would you take?”, “if you could have a super power, what would it be?” or “if you could be a famous person, who would you be?”.

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Worried about freshers week? Well, I have written a post detailing what you could expect here. Stuck on what to take to university? Check out my packing checklist here!

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