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My Year 2014 // What have you done this year?

 This year has been the most incredible year of my life and I have grown so much as a person. It has involved a ridiculous amount of hard work, lack of sleep although I am pretty sure I have made up for that in terms of partying with some of my most amazing friends. I love you all a lot. Thank you to every who made it a successful time (and put up with me stressing out a lot). May 2015 be even better! Happy New Year Everyone!


 In January Cornwall faced a bit of a rough few weeks as the 2014 Storms hit. Although, this allowed me and Mum to storm chase across the county most nights – which I will say, was a once in a life time opportunity.


 In February I had a second operation on my broken finger in order to remove some tiny pins that had been put it in to fix it but the alternative affect. I spent most of this month with a cough and cold, oh and many hours working towards my Visual Arts on the International Baccalaureate (IB).


In March I went on a miniature family holiday to Somerset where I got to see what the storms had done to the Somerset Levels. I also went to Wookey Hole caves and eat far too many Easter eggs.


 In April I turned 18, brought my first drink in the Slug and Lettuce at the O2 in London (after seeing McBusted – a childhood dream) at just two minutes past midnight (just because I could). I also visited my choice of universities: UCL, LSE and Sussex with my Mum and Grandad – remind me never to take him anywhere that is remotely upmarket (hehe)?


In May I finished the IB after two long years of slaving away which basically meant from the day my exams ended on the 23rd I celebrated for approximately four months and three days (oops). I also won an award for my artwork and took part in an art exhibition!


In June I spent most days at the beach with my friends taking photos and watching them make fools of themselves surfing. We managed to cook up a few dodgy BBQs, tried as many cocktails as we could and cruised around most of the county with a new found ability to drive (well my friends did, I just contributed petrol money). I also got to see One Direction for the sixth time on their headline date at Wembley Stadium.


In July I had the third and final operation on my finger, which turned out to be a joint-replacement (at 18… oh dear, catastrophe Channon)! I spent a lot of time with family and received my IB results which in case you were wondering I got 35 points with (666) at higher level (YAY)! #proudofmyselfconsideringallthetimeihadoffwithinjuries


 In August I actually got accepted into university (after what felt like an eternity of waiting) – I cried, a lot. My second family came down to stay for four days and ended up staying much longer. I went to Boardmasters (the music festival where I broke my finger the year before) least than a week after my operation. I almost died in a moshpit during Chase and Status and decided to drink Cornish Rattler for three days (big mistake). The festival actually got cancelled due to bad weather (typical Cornwall) and I missed the acts I went to see: Bastille and George Ezra (sigh).


September was eventful to say the least! I spent the first half of the month continuing to be a beach bum and swimming in the sea at midnight on numerous occasions – how liberating! I finally started my blog after four months of considering it. And then, I ended up in resus followed by the hospital’s respiratory unit for five days, the day I was released from my hospital bed I moved to London away from the pretty beaches of Cornwall, endured freshers week and had a sudden realisation of how scary it was to be alone in an expensive city that it didn’t know that well.


 October was interesting… I realised how expensive London can truly be, had the worst Halloween ever (but it’s fine because we ended up in KFC at 2am) and submitted my first ever university essay (it was terrible before you ask)! I spent many hours celebrity chasing and pretty much got no where although me and my Sister did got to Radio 1’s Teen Awards, Madame Tussauds and the Science Museum which was entertaining.


November was enormous amounts of fun, I got to meet my favourite youtubers: Zoella, PointlessBlog and ThatcherJoe at #BandAid30. I got to go to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park for the first time and attend an activity day for my university course which involved laughter yoga (you had to be there, it was hilarious!). I also got published twice in my university newspaper – success!


 However, December was the best month by far! I won a competition to hang out with the Vamps at the cinema, I got to meet all of One Direction after four years, I got to finally ice-skate at the Natural History, I made some new friends who I love dearly but most of all I got to experience London at Christmas!

What did you get up to this year?

C x

Blog post in memory of Chris the Goldfish, RIP you legend.

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