Mental Health Wellbeing

Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace and at Home

Written by Channon Gray

In the past two decades, mental health issues have started to become more and more understood thanks to shared knowledge on the internet. So in this article, we’re going to elaborate on those points and give a brief introduction on mental health and how we can cope with it both in the workplace and at home.

What exactly are mental health issues?

It’s not easy to characterize mental health issues. There are many different conditions and terms to learn, so instead of overwhelming you with information, we can define good mental health as being able to think, react and feel in ways that help you live a comfortable life. Anything different, and it can be considered a mental health issue. Sometimes, you can have small bouts of poor mental health such as feeling depressed or anxious, and sometimes it can develop to a point that you don’t want to leave the home or find it hard to interact with people.

With this in mind, you might start to get a better idea of why mental health issues are such a huge concern now. Because it’s difficult to diagnose a mental health issue, it can create some problems in the workplace and also at home.

Dealing with mental health at home

Whether it’s taking autism training courses to help you understand how to interact with relatives that have mental health issues or sitting down to speak with someone that you suspect has a mental health issue, it’s important to approach the issue discretely and with an understanding attitude. The worst thing you can do is push the issue and cause unnecessary conflict, and the last thing you want is to further alienate the person that you’re speaking to. These issues are delicate, so it’s best if you approach them with care.

If you feel that you’re suffering from depression, anxiety or any other mental health issues, then it’s a good idea to reach out to someone close to you or a medical professional that can assist you. Failing to do so can eventually lead to unwanted consequences and further alienation from social situations, and the problems will just compound and create more issues.

Dealing with mental health at work

If you find that your mental health is preventing you from working efficiently in the workplace, then it’s a good idea to speak to your employer and fill them in on your condition. This will work much better if you have medical documents to share. Your employer may have trouble believing you or adjusting their workflow to help you especially if you don’t have any kind of information or medical details to share, and this can lead to discrimination or bullying if not approached correctly.

Unfortunately, adjustments need to be reasonable for your employer to make. If the change creates unnecessary or unreasonable costs for the employer, especially if it’s a small business, then they can’t be forced to do anything and will likely need to let you go. However, if the changes are reasonable, then it’s completely acceptable to expect your employer to make some adjustments to help you.

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