A Cosy Christmas Night In

Ocean Finance Christmas Night In

Ocean Finance Christmas Night In

Ocean Finance Christmas Night In

Christmas, in my opinion, is about eating lots of food, baking lots of treats, spending time with family and watching christmas film, after christmas film, after christmas film on the sofa (oh and opening a few prezzies)!

Ocean Finance recently got in contact inviting me to a twitter ‘hangout style’ Christmas Night In! And of course, I said yes! They sent over a box of goodies to open on the night of Monday 21st during the twitter party. I must say, the box the presents came in is absolutely beautiful; it is woodland themed with gold detailing (love, love, love) and I will keep mine forever!

The event began at 6:30pm and the first present was a super cute christmassy mug containing a sachet of hot chocolate and marshmallows! Yummy! I, being the choc-o-holic that I am, put the kettle onto boil straight away.

The second gift was a stunning, unique Christmas tree decoration which was personalised for each blogger taking part. I felt this was a nice touch, especially for me as I’m never able to have anything with my name on. It looks so pretty on our tree!

Gift number three was a sugar cookie mix that you just needed to add an egg and butter to, and oh my. Before the cookies even made it to the oven, my Mum had eaten half the raw cookie mix. And well, they came out the oven and within minutes everyone was tucking in. The mixture made around twenty snowflake cookies and less than 24 hours later, all of them are now gone – oops!

I am a bit of a onesie hoarder, and so present number four was muchly appreciated – an incredibly soft (and honestly, I cannot even begin to describe how soft it is), blue and white aztec printed onesie! I am pretty much in love with it. Whilst my cookies were baking I sat snuggled up on the sofa tweeting with my onesie on and hot chocolate in hand. Oh, what a wonderful life! 

Throughout the twitter hangout, Ocean Finance tweeted Christmas inspired quiz questions for everyone to join in with. I replied to the Elf question regarding ‘food groups’ in less than a few seconds – probably a bit too excited, no? Gifts five and six were a nice way to finish a brilliant event: a fancy Mascarpone White Chocolate bar and Elf on DVD (aka the best christmas film ever made).

I had a lovely Christmas night in with Ocean Finance, and I would just like to thank them for the opportunity to meet other bloggers as well as the nice gifts! We used the hashtag #ChristmasNightIn so if you would like to check out all what we got up to then head on over, you can even join in the chat! What I want to know is, what is your idea of a perfect Christmas night in?

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 14.25.30

*Disclaimer: this blog post contains an advert for Ocean Finance. The twitter event was organised by them and the gifts sent to me so that I was able to take part. However, all opinions are entirely my own and the event was a lot of festive fun.

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