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Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee “Hit The Road” Premiere in Leicester Square

Me and Zoe Sugg, Zoella

Me and Zoe Sugg, Zoella

Yesterday I went to the premiere of Joe and Caspar’s new film “Hit The Road” and oh my, despite it being pretty chilly out, I still had a lot of fun. I got into Leicester Square at around midday and joined the queue for a ticket into the pens surrounding the red carpet. Luckily, I got ticket number 285 out of 300 – phew, it was a close call. We were then guided into our designated areas a few minutes later. I, being the unorganised individual that I am, hadn’t eaten and I’ll be honest, I went partly because I knew I could get KFC at some point as the extremely cold November days aren’t exactly the most inviting part of winter.Thankfully, the kind security guard let me out to grab a bite to eat and hot chocolate to warm me up after a couple of hours in the icy wind.

Jim Chapman hosted the Youtube livestream for the event and as usual, we was well suited and booted for the occasion. He was first to turn up, a while before the premiere started, and of course, in true Youtuber style, he arrived vlogging! 

At 6pm, after several hours of waiting (and shivering) the YouTubers started to arrive. Joe and Caspar rocked up the VW Campervan that they used to tour Europe in during the making of the film. Of course, in true Jaspar fashion, we heard them before we seen them as they beeped the horn all the way into the red carpet. Caspar’s Mum and Josh Pieters followed closely behind in a swanky, rather posh, car. Josh got out the car and was greeted by a lot of screaming girls, he stopped to take selfies with everyone as well as signing many autographs. 

Amongst the next to arrive were Victoria, from InTheFrow, Lydia and Lucy, Evan Edinger, Dodie Clark and Katie Snooks, who kindly came over for a photo and stopped for a wee-chit-chat.

When Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart arrived everyone went a little bit crazy. Marcus stopped for absolutely everyone, just like Josh, and I have to say he is the nicest, most down to earth person. He took his time to make sure that everyone had either a photo or autograph, and yet he still managed to have conversations along the way.

Myself, Marcus Butler, Josh Pieters and Katie Snooks.

Myself, Marcus Butler, Josh Pieters and Katie Snooks.

As expected I completely freaked out when Louise, Sprinkle of Glitter, arrived as she is just amazing, basically. Need I say anymore? Unfortunately, we didn’t have chance to get a photo together, but one day we will meet properly and it will be the best day. And then, just when I thought I had calmed down a bit, the Michalaks got out of a car right in front of me, I shouted to Hannah and she waved, eekk. If you haven’t checked them out before, then you must as they are amongst my favourite vloggers. They create beautiful family style videos, and I just – ahhh.

Tanya Burr is arguably the sweetest person on Youtube and she is just so glamorous! At the premiere she looked incredibly classy in a faux fur coat, and floral print dress. She later on joined Jim for an interview on the red carpet, which they explained was a tad strange considering they are now married.

Zalfie, Zoe and Alfie, sent everyone into meltdown when they got out of their car. Although, Alfie wondered off up the red carpet alone, Zoe stopped for photos with a lucky few and I was delighted when she came over to our side. By this point, I was so cold that I could no longer use my phone and so Zoe kindly took our photo together! On a side note, Zoe and Joe are so tiny and cute – just saying!

Oli White walked the red carpet with his little brother, who was in his absolute element taking photos with fans. Oli later came over to us, vlog camera in hand and everyone chanted his name whilst he filmed! He was quickly whisked away as the premiere was about to start, however, I will say, at this point Joe and Caspar were no where to be seen! Just as everything started to come to an end, Jaspar did one last round of selfies and signatures before heading off into the cinema.

All in all, I had a rather fun day and me, being me, decided to bring home one of the giant premiere posters for my halls room. I will say, I got some very funny looks on the bus home and I had to explain to multiple people who Joe and Caspar were!

Who is your favourite YouTuber? And more importantly, have you pre-ordered the “Hit The Road” film? I have!

I filmed clipped throughout the evening, give a watch and let me know what you think:

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 14.25.30

P.S. It was that cold on Sunday that when I got home, I went to get my bottle of water only to realise that it had FROZEN in my bag… Yes, it had frozen!

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