Attending the BRIT Awards 2017

Written by Channon Gray

Attending the BRIT Awards is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do, especially since moving to London in 2014. This year, I finally got to tick it off my bucket list after deciding to buy a ticket slightly last minute.

The BRIT Awards 2017 Overview

It’s a glamorous affair that a lot of the music industry attends. Now I am not one for ‘dressing up’ so went for a black dress, my suede boots and grey cardigan. A bit understated, maybe? My seat was on Level 4 of the O2, which I will say, if you are afraid of heights then stay well clear of that zone and my ticket was a small fortune – BUT it was totally worth it. The atmosphere was something I’ve never experienced and of course, as always, the performers were world class. In all honesty, I now want to make it an annual visit and drag along my family next year – it was that good!

The show included performances from Ed Sheeran featuring Stormzy, Katy Perry (who had a slightly wobbly dancer and incredibly well thought-out political message), Little Mix, Robbie Williams (who suffering sound issues BUT it meant that the crowd helped him out which is the best thing about live shows), Emeli Sande, Skepta, Coldplay and the Chainsmokers, Chris Martin with a fantastic and very moving tribute to the late, George Michael, and lastly, the 1975 who left everyone VERY confused sat watching at home… but hey, it was a great message to all the band’s haters!

Awards Highlight

My ‘awards highlight’ was for sure, as true One Direction fangirl at heart, ‘History’ winning best music video and here is why: it could be, and currently is, their last BRIT Award (ever… dun, dun, duuunnn), they have the best fanbase (*cough, cough*) and lastly, who doesn’t like to see a group they adored for a long time still grabbing awards despite being on a hiatus? Er, hello?

Show Highlight

The show was all-in-all INCREDIBLE. But, Ed Sheeran just wow’d me and everyone else in the room. It just made me super excited for his tour in May and the upcoming album – yipeee. Also, Chris Martin’s tribute was so touching and cried the whole time – a wonderful moment to have witnessed.

Then once the show ended, as always there was a mad dash to exit the arena AS FAST AS POSSIBLE but I decided to walk super-duper slow in order to actually grab a seat on the tube between North Greenwich and Westminster. I called my Mum, who had literally kept me updated (minute-by-minute) on Messenger the entire show (maybe she forgot I was actually there, you know, in the room, watching the show in real-time, live, as it happened? Who knows…)! And then, the unthinkable happened, I actually bumped into some of the Youtubers: Oli White, Caspar Lee and Jack Maynard, who kindly stopped for drunken (on their part) selfies. You check out my twitter for those (blurry) photos! Almost 21, and still a fangirl eh? Some things will never change…


So until next year, thanks BRITs!

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Attending the BRIT Awards 2017 and seeing Ed Sheeran, Skepta, Katy Perry, The 1975, Little Mix, Emeli Sande and Robbie Williams. Showcasing the best in the British and World Music Industry. // heythereChannon #music #celebrities

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